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All abstracts by Mickaël Tharaud in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Distribution and Degradation of CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots Transported in Aged Soil Systems
Carboni A, Gélabert A, Faucher S, Desmau M, Tharaud M, Charron G, Benedetti MF, Lespes G & Sivry Y

(2019) A First Step to Better Understands Nanoparticle Geochemistry: The direct-Injection/spICPMS
Tharaud M, Louvat P & Benedetti MF

(2019) Ageing and Speciation of Quantum Dots in Soil: Influence of Iron and Organic Matter
Carboni A, Gelabert A, Desmau M, Tharaud M, Charron G, Benedetti M & Sivry Y

(2019) Boron Isotopic Ratio Measurements at ng Levels with the µ-δDIHEN Introduction System
Louvat P, Tharaud M, Buisson M, Rollion-Bard C & Benedetti MF

(2019) Certification of the New Drinking Water Reference Material AQUA-1 (NRC-Cnrc): Preliminary Results for Major and Trace Elements Concentrations and Isotopic Ratios
Yeghicheyan D, Cloquet C, Freydier R, Dumoulin D, Tharaud M, Alleman L, Rousseau T, Seby F, Riotte J, Marquet A, Jeandel C, Causse L, Dumont J, Cordier L, Grinberg P & Mester Z

(2017) Engineered Nanoparticle Interactions with Suspended Colloids Determine their Environmental Mobility and Fate
Ferreira Domingos RI, Topuz E, Wang J, Watanabe C, Tharaud M & Benedetii M

(2017) TiO2 Nanomaterials Detection in Calcium Rich Matrices by spICPMS. a Matter of Resolution and Treatment
Tharaud M, Gondikas A, Benedetti M, von der Kammer F, Hofmann T & Cornelis G

(2017) Chromium Mobility in Ultramafic Areas: An Isotopic Study
Bolanos V, Sivry Y, Garnier J, Quantin C, Tharaud M, Lens P & van Hullebusch E

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