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All abstracts by Simon George in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Geomolecules in the Late Jurassic Claudia Paleo-Geothermal Field: Evidence of a Complex Geological and Biological Environment
Teece B, Guido D, Campbell KA, Van Kranendonk MJ, Galar A & George S

(2020) Microbially-Mediated Formation of Manganese Carbonates Hosted in Cryogenian Black Shales in South China
Ai J, Siljeström S, Zhong N, George S & Huang L

(2012) Sr Isotopic Composition of Pore Water of Shelf Cores from IODP Expedition 317: Canterbury Basin, New Zealand
Yoshimura T, Kawahata H, Tanimizu M, George S, Lipp J & Claypool G

(2011) Analysis of Organic Biomarkers in Single Precambrian Oil-Bearing Fluid Inclusions Using TOF-SIMS
Siljeström S, Lausmaa J, Volk H, George S, Sjövall P, Dutkiewicz A & Hode T

(2009) Stability of Complex Hydrocarbons within Fluid Inclusions in Rocks Exposed to High Temperatures
George S, Dutkiewicz A, Volk H, Ridley J & Buick R

(2008) Fluid Inclusions Provide Evidence for Early Oil Composition Prior to Gas Condensate Migration into Reservoirs
George S, Volk H, Lisk M, Brincat M & Eadington P

(2008) Changes to Oil Fluorescence by the Invasion of Gas or Water
Eadington P, Kempton R, George S, Volk H, Bourdet J & Coehlo C

(2006) Oil-bearing Fluid Inclusions: Biogeochemical Time-Capsules for >2.0 Billion Years
George S, Volk H, Dutkiewicz A, Ridley J & Mossman D

(2006) Oil and its biomarkers trapped inside fluid inclusions ca. 2.45-2.0 Ga
Dutkiewicz A, Volk H, George S, Ridley J, Mossman D & Buick R

(2001) Enhanced Petroleum Systems Analysis in Frontier Basins: Integrating Geochemistry with Geoscience
Lisk M, Ruble TE, Ostby J, O'Brien GW, Brincat MP, Russell NJ & George SC

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