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All abstracts by Martine Gerard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Assessing the Role of Barite to Control 226Ra Long Term Behavior in McClean Tailings – Saskatchewan, Canada
Besançon C, Sardini P, Savoye S, Hughes K, Mokhtari H, Descostes M & Gérard M

(2017) Secondary U Bearing Minerals in Granitic Technosoils. (Massif Central, France)
Gerard M, Kanzari A, Tayal A, Conradson S & Descostes M

(2016) Weathering Impact of Granitic Waste Rock Piles at Former Uranium Mines (Limousin, France)
Kanzari A, Gérard M, Boekhout F, Galoisy L & Descostes M

(2016) Mineralogical and Geochemical Mechanisms Concentrating Scandium in Lateritic Deposits
Chassé M, Aral H, van Huet S, O'Reilly SY, Griffin WL, Gérard M & Calas G

(2016) The Low Temperature Hyperalkaline Hydrothermal System of the Prony Bay (New Caledonia)
Pelletier B, Monnin C, Boulart C, Chavagnac V, Erauso G, Gerard M, Gerard E, Guentas L, Menez B, Payri C, Pisapia C, Postec A & Quemeneur M

(2015) Direct Evidence for Significant Oxygen in the Late Archean Atmosphere from Paleosols of the Fortescue Group, Western Australia
Teitler Y, Philippot P, Gerard M, Le Hir G, Fluteau F & Ader M

(2014) Uranium Migration and Stabilization during Weathering of Granitic Waste Rock Piles
Boekhout F, Gérard M, Calas G & Descostes M

(2013) Weathering Processes and Supergene Formation of Uranium Bearing Minerals at U-Mines in the Saint-Sylvestre Area (French Massif Central)
Boekhout F, Gérard M, Phrommavanh V, Descostes M & Calas G

(2013) Isotopic and Mineralogical Evidence for Atmospheric Oxygenation in 2.76 Ga Old Paleosols
Philippot P, Teitler Y, Gérard M, Cartigny P, Muller E, Assayag N, Le Hir G & Fluteau F

(2013) Organomineralization Drives Early Chimney Edification at the Hyperalkaline Hydrothermal Field of the Prony Bay (New Caledonia)
Pisapia C, Gerard E, Gerard M & Menez B

(2013) Micromorphology Investigations by Imaging Alteration, Supergene and Anthropogenic Processes in Regoliths
Gerard M, Trombino L, Boekhout F, Kanzari A, Parisot JC & Stoops G

(2012) Intrabasaltic Regoliths in the Deccan (India) and Karoo Traps (Lesotho): Witnesses of Volcanic Quiescence and Environmental Links
Gerard M, Fluteau F, Courtillot V & Moulin M

(2012) Supergene Evolution of Granitic Waste Rock Piles Around U-Mines in the Saint-Sylvestre Area (French Massif Central)
Galoisy L, Gerard M, Poquet T, Calas G, Descostes M & Phrommavanh V

(2011) Ubiquitous Subaerial Weathering during Emersion of the Fortescue Late Archean Igneous Province, Western Australia
Teitler Y, Philippot P, Gerard M, Fluteau F & Le Hir G

(2001) Origin of the 234U-238U Fractionation in Surface Waters of Mount Cameroon
Riotte J, Chabaux F, Benedetti M, Dia A, Boulègue J & Gérard M

(2000) Chemical Weathering of Basaltic Lava Flows Suffering Extreme Climatic Conditions: The Water Geochemistry Record
Dia A, Benedetti M, Riotte J, Chabaux F, Boulègue J, Bulourde M, Chauvel C, Gérard M, Deruelle B & Ildefonse P

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