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All abstracts by Robin Gerlach in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Evaluating Bacterial Ureolysis for the Low pH, High Temperature and Limited Oxygen Conditions of the Deep Subsurface
Akyel A, Martinson A, Skorupa D, Phillips A & Gerlach R

(2020) Biomineralization of Selenium Nanoparticles by the Fungus Phanerochaete Chrysosporium
Espinosa-Ortiz EJ, Gerlach R & Lens P

(2018) Controlling Strontium Partitioning during MICP Under Continuous Flow
Zambare N, Lauchnor E & Gerlach R

(2016) Advancing Ureolysis Driven Mineral Sealing Strategies for Environmental Engineering Applications
Feder M, Phillips A & Gerlach R

(2016) Biofilm-Mediated Mineral Precipitation Technology – From the Microscale to the Field-Scale
Gerlach R, Phillips AJ, Cunningham AB & Spangler L

(2012) Potential of Microbiologically Induced Mineralisation to Increase Geologic CO2 Storage Security
Mitchell A, Phillips A, Lauchnor E, Connolly J, Schultz L, Cunningham A & Gerlach R

(2010) Speciation of Selenium by Facultative Bacteria in Phosphate Mine Waste
Kirk LB, Stewart BD, Macur R & Gerlach R

(2009) Geomicrobiological Control of Selenium Solubility in Subsurface Phosphate Overburden Deposits
Kirk LB, Childers SE, Peyton B, McDermott T, Gerlach R & Johnson TM

(2008) Microbially Enhanced Carbonate Mineralization and the Geologic Containment of CO2
Mitchell AC, Phillips AJ, Kaszuba JP, Hollis WK, Cunningham AB & Gerlach R

(2004) Iron (Hydr)oxides and Electron Shuttles Govern the Fate of 2.4.6- Trinitrotoluene by a Soil Bacterium
Borch T, Inskeep W & Gerlach R

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