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All abstracts by Richard J Walker in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Evolution of Tungsten Isotopic Compositions in the Mauna Kea Volcanic System
Willhite LN, Finlayson V & Walker RJ

(2023) Geochemical Weirdness of the Early Earth and Implications for Earth Evolution
Walker RJ

(2023) Highly Siderophile Elements and Os Isotope Compositions of Ryugu Samples
Ishikawa A, Yokoyama T, Nakanishi N & Walker RJ

(2022) Hf-W Isotope Systematics of Chondrites
Hellmann JL & Walker RJ

(2022) A Review of 182W in Terrestrial Systems
Walker RJ

(2022) Analytical Approach to Constraining Siderophile Element Genetics of Late-Stage Terrestrial Accretion
Bermingham KR, Tornabene HA, Meyer B & Walker RJ

(2022) A High Field Strength Perspective on Tungsten-182 Variability in Modern Mantle Melts
Finlayson V, Walker RJ, Bermingham K, Day JMD & Schilling ME

(2017) Dating Faults with U-Pb Calcite Petrochronology
Roberts NMW, Walker RJ, Imber J, Haslam RB & Drake H

(2017) Tracking Hadean Processes in Modern Basalts
Horan M, Carlson R, Walker R, Jackson M & Mundl A

(2017) Ancient 182W Signatures in Modern Ocean Island Basalts
Mundl A, Walker R, Touboul M, Jackson M, Day J, Kurz M, Lekic V & Helz R

(2017) Excess 180W in Iron Meteorites: Cosmogenic or Radiogenic?
Cook DL, Smith T, Leya I, Hilton C, Walker RJ & Schönbächler M

(2017) Constraints on the W Abundance of Upper Mantle from Xenolithic Peridotites
Rizo H, Rudnick RL, Walker RJ & Carlson RW

(2017) Exploring the Causes of 182W Heterogeneity in Earth
Walker R, Marchi S & Canup R

(2017) Fingerprinting the Mantle during Subduction Initiation Using Re-Os Isotopic Systematics of Izu-Bonin-Mariana Forearc Boninites
Nelson W, Reagan M, Pearce J, Niles D, Leierzapf J & Walker R

(2017) Mixing Times of the Archean Mantle: Evidence from 2.7 Ga Komatiites
Puchtel I, Touboul M, Blichert-Toft J & Walker R

(2017) W Isotopic Compositions of Barberton and Pilbara Komatiites and Basalts
Archer GJ, Kleine T, Stracke A, Puchtel IS & Walker RJ

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