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All abstracts by Lu Wang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) High-Pressure Hydrogen Adsorption in Clay Minerals: Insights on Natural Hydrogen Exploration
Wang L

(2023) North China’s Archean Central Orogenic Belt: An Ophiolitic Mélange-Bearing Witness to Late Archean Oceanic Crust Production and Destruction
Kusky T & Wang L

(2023) Evidence for Deep Subduction Reveals Modern-Style Plate Tectonics Operated in the Late Archean
Wang L, Hu W, Ning W, Huang B, Chen T & Kusky T

(2022) Water Concentration Prediction of MORB and BABB by a Machine Learning Approach
Zhou J, Liu J & Wang L

(2021) Late Mesoproterozoic Low-P/T–type Metamorphism in the North Wulan Terrane: Implications for the Assembly of Rodinia
Wang L, Johnston ST, Chen N & Xia B

(2020) High Water Contents in the Jurassic Lithospheric Mantle of the North China Craton: Implications for the Destruction of the Craton
Wang L & Xia Q-K

(2019) The Link between the Low Contents of S and Cl in Early Cretaceous Basalts and Flourishing of Jehol Biotas
Xu Q, Chen H, Xia Q, Deloule E, Gu X & Wang L

(2019) Deep Subduction in the Archean Indicated by Ultrahigh-Pressure Polymorphs of Chromite and Rutile in Archean Ophiolitic Podiform Chromite
Kusky T, Wang L, Huang Y, Robinson P, Wirth R & Ning W

(2018) Phase Equilibria of MT–UHP Eclogite: A Case Study of Coesite Eclogite at Yangkou, Sulu Belt, China
Xia B, Brown M, Wang L, Wang S & Piccoli P

(2017) Generation and Evolution of Fluid/ Melt during Exhumation from UHP Conditions
Brown M, Wang S-J, Wang L, Piccoli P & Johnson T

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