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All abstracts by Taras V. Gerya in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Geodynamic Models and Geological Evidence for Non-Subduction Generation of Archean TTG Crust
Tackley P, Jain C, Lourenco D, Rozel A & Gerya T

(2019) Delamination Assisted Plate Convergence Explains Secular Changes in Archean Rock Record
Chowdhury P, Chakraborty S, Gerya TV, Cawood PA & Capitanio FA

(2017) Generation of Archean TTG Rocks: Numerical Simulations of Thermo-Compositional Mantle Convection
Rozel A, Golabek G, Gerya T, Jain C & Tackley P

(2016) Formation of Continental Crust during Ultra-Hot Precambrian Orogeny: Insight from Geodynamic Modeling
Perchuk A, Safonov O, Smit A, van Reenen D, Zakharov V & Gerya T

(2016) Proto-Oceanic and Proto-Continental Lithosphere Formation by Archean Plume-Lid Tectonics
Gerya T, Sizova E & Fischer R

(2016) Decarbonation of Subducting Slabs: A Petrological-Thermomechamical Modeling Approach
Gonzalez C, Gorczyk W & Gerya T

(2016) Plume-Induced Subduction Triggered Transition from Plume-Lid Tectonics to Plate Tectonics
Gerya T, Stern R, Sizova E, Fischer R, Baes M, Sobolev S & Whattam S

(2015) Crustal Recycling Above an Intracontinental Mantle Plume: Results from the Columbia River Flood Basalt Province
Colon D, Bindeman I & Gerya T

(2015) Archean Crust: A Modeling Perspective
Brown M, Sizova E, Gerya T & Stüwe K

(2015) Plume-Induced Subduction and Crustal Growth in Precambrian Earth
Gerya T, Stern R, Baes M, Sobolev S & Whattam S

(2014) Towards Coupled Giant Impact and Long Term Interior Evolution Models
Golabek G, Jutzi M, Gerya T & Asphaug E

(2013) The Complex Dynamics of Collisional Orogens Unveiled by Numerical Modeling
Faccenda M, Gerya T & Chakraborty S

(2012) Geodynamic Regimes of Intra-Oceanic Subduction: Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of Geochemical Signatures
Baitsch Ghirardello B, Stracke A & Gerya TV

(2011) Serpentinite Channel and the Role of Serpentinite Buoyancy for Exhumation of High-Pressure Rocks (Voltri Massif, Western Alps)
Malatesta C, Gerya T, Scambelluri M, Federico L, Crispini L & Capponi G

(2011) Continental Subduction, Slab Breakoff and Eduction: End-Member Processes for UHP Rock Histories
Sizova E, Duretz T & Gerya T

(2011) 2D Geochemical-Thermomechanical Modelling of Pb, Hf, Sr and Nd Isotopes Evolution in Intra-Ocean Subduction Zones
Baitsch Ghirardello B, Nikolaeva K, Jagoutz O & Gerya T

(2011) Geochemical Consequences of Thermomechanical Processes in Subduction Zones. Implications for Crustal Making Processes
Vogt K, Gerya T & Castro A

(2011) Geodynamic Regimes of Continental Crust Growth and Lithosphere Reworking in Subduction Zones
Gerya T

(2009) Evolution of Continental Boundaries Through Time: Predictions from Numerical Modeling
Gerya T, Sizova E, Ksenia N & Loew I

(2009) Mechanisms of Deep Slab Hydration and Related Geodynamical Processes
Faccenda M, Gerya T, Burlini L & Mainprice D

(2009) Melting of Subducted Mélanges in Mantle Wedge Plumes: Eutectic-Like Behaviour in the Generation of Batholiths?
Castro A, Gerya T & García-Casco A

(2009) Towards Self-Consistent Modelling of the Martian Dichotomy: Coupled Models of Simultaneous Core and Crust Formation
Golabek G, Keller T, Gerya T & Connolly J

(2009) Geochemical Transport in Intra-Oceanic Subduction: Numerical Predictions
Baitsch-Ghirardello B, Gerya T, Jagoutz O & Burg J-P

(2009) Subduction Dynamics and Magmatic Arc Growth: Numerical Modeling of Isotopic Features
Nikolaeva K, Gerya T & Bourdon B

(2008) Numerical Modelling of Continental Collision, Oceanic Subduction and Related Geodynamical Processes
Faccenda M, Gerya T, Burlini L & Chakraborty S

(2007) Volcanic Arc Development due to Intraoceanic Subduction: Numerical Model
Nikolaeva K, Gerya TV & Connolly J

(2007) Numerical Modeling of Continental Plate Retreating and Crustal Recycling
Faccenda M, Gerya T, Chakraborty S & Minelli G

(2007) Magma Generation and Transport in Subduction Zones: Numerical Simulations of Chemical, Thermal and Mechanical Coupling during Magma Ascent by Porous Flow
Arcay D, Gerya T & Tackley P

(2007) Melting and Mixing Processes in Mantle Wedges
Gorczyk W, Gerya TV, Connolly JAD, Burg J-P & Yuen DA

(2006) Deep Continental Crust Subduction During Incipient Orogeny: Metamorphic And Magmatic Consequences
Gerya T

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