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All abstracts by Bassam Ghaleb in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Orbital vs Sedimentological Tuning of 230Th-Excesses in the Arctic Ocean Sediments
Song T, Hillaire-Marcel C, Liu Y, Ghaleb B & de Vernal A

(2021) Reading the Record of Magma Degassing from Gypsum Precipitates
Berlo K, van Hinsberg V, Pinti DL, Ghaleb B & Lauzeral R

(2020) Potential and Limitations of 228Th/232Th Disequilibria for the Dating of High Sedimentation Marine Sequences: Example from Herschel Basin, Beaufort Sea
Carnero-Bravo V, Hilaire-Marcel C, Ghaleb B, De Vernal A, Falardeau J, Chassiot L, Vonk J, Tanski G, Lantuti H & Fritz M

(2019) Dating Two Young Laminated Stalagmites by the 210Pbexcess Method
Ghaleb B, Allan M, Pinti DL, Verheyden S & Fagel N

(2017) Radium 226 Evidence for Decreasing Hydrothermalism at Pamukkale- Hierapolis (Anatolia) Since Roman Time
Hillaire-Marcel C, Ghaleb B & Özkul M

(2017) U-Series Isotope Systematics in the Pleistocene Travertine System of Antalya, Turkey
Ghaleb B, Hillaire-Marcel C, Koşun E & Barbecot F

(2016) Are Basal Fluxes the Ultimate Source of Radiogenic 4He Excesses in Groundwater?
Mejean P, Pinti DL, Larocque M & Ghaleb B

(2016) Dating Diagenesis of Carbonate: In situ Measurements by Laser Ablation
Poirier A, David J, Ghaleb B & Gogot J

(2016) Extended Range of U-Series Dating by Combining 230Th/U Disequilibrium and 234U Excess Dating
Ghaleb B, Falgueres C, Pozzi J-P, Rousseau L & Boudad L

(2015) A Simple Non-Destructive Approach for the Determination of 40K by Gamma Spectroscopy
Ghaleb B, Pinti D, Samper A & Gillot P-Y

(2015) Neodymium Isotopic Composition of Deep-Sea Corals from the Labrador Sea: Implications for NW Atlantic Deepwater Circulation during the Holocene, Bølling-Allerød, MIS 5c and 7a
Ménabréaz L, Maccali J, Blénet A, Ghaleb B, Poirier A, Edinger E & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2013) 238U-234U-230Th -226Ra Systematics in Fossil Scleractinian Corals
Ghaleb B, Huot S & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2012) Review of Environmental Multi-Tracer Sensitivity to Groundwater Discharge in River
Lefebvre K, Barbecot F, Larocque M, Ghaleb B, Helie J-F, Noret A & Gagne S

(2012) Paleo-Environmental Reconstruction of Mercury and Terrigenous Organic Matter Dynamics in Large Northern Quebec Boreal Lakes: An Assessment of Anthropogenic Activities Occuring in their Watersheds
Moingt M, Lucotte M, Paquet S & Ghaleb B

(2012) Conservative Behavior of Uranium vs. Salinity in Sea Ice and Brine
Not C, Brown K, Ghaleb B & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2012) Epsilon Nd Signatures of NW North Atlantic Water Masses and their Recording in Deep Corals from Orphan Knoll
Poirier A, Retailleau S, Blenet A, Ghaleb B, Hillaire-Marcel C & Edinger E

(2012) Behavior of Uranium Isotopes in Shallow Aquifers of Southern Quebec, Canada
Mejean P, Vautour G, Pinti DL, Ghaleb B & Larocque M

(2012) Open-System Behavior of U-Series in Carbonates: What We can Learn from Old Limestones
Deschamps P, Hillaire-Marcel C, Hamelin B & Ghaleb B

(2011) Short Term Environmental Reconstruction from Rich CO2-Spring Deposits (Massif Central, France)
Barbecot F, Ghaleb B, Gibert E & Noret A

(2011) Time Constraint on Brunhes-Matuyama Inversion Infered by U-Series Disequilibrium
Ghaleb B, Falguères C, Pozzi J-P, Rousseau L, Carlut J & Boudad L

(2011) Influence of Dust Deposits to the Budget of U-Series Nuclides in Mount Cameroon Basaltic Soils
Pelt E, Chabaux F, Innocent C, Ghaleb B & Stille P

(2009) Isotopic Clues (U-Series, 14C, 13C, 18O) on Growth Process and Age of Arctic Fissure Calcretes (Endostromatolites) from Northern Canada
Hillaire-Marcel C, Ghaleb B, Deschamps P & Lauriol B

(2006) Excess 226Ra dating of young stalagmites: An example from Niue Island, South Pacific.
Ghaleb B & Aharon P

(2006) Ra-excess Dating: Hopes and Limitations
Hillaire-Marcel C, Ghaleb B & Pons-Branchu E

(2003) Improved Method for Radium Extraction from Environmental Samples for Determination by Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Ghaleb B, Pons E, Deschamps P & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2002) Evidence for Micro-Scale U-Mobility along Sedimentary Discontinuities in a Deep Limestone Formation as Inferred by 234U/238U Disequilibria
Deschamps P, Doucelance R, Ghaleb B, Hillaire-Marcel C & Michelot J-L

(2000) Western Boundary Undercurrent Control of Th-Isotope Fluxes in the Labrador Sea Based on MC-ICP-MS Measurements of Total 230Th and 232Th in 5-Litre Water Samples
Hillaire-Marcel C, Ghaleb B, Simonetti A & Griepy C

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