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All abstracts by Shouye Yang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) An Improved FT-Tra System and its Application to Element Analysis of Foraminifera
Xu J, Yang S & Yang C

(2023) Sm-Nd Isotope Systematics of Indian Shales Constrain the Growth of Indian Continental Crust
Ray E, Paul D, Bhutani R, Chakrabarti R & Yang S

(2023) Li Isotopic Compositions of Bulk and Clay-Sized Sediments in an Extremely Weathered Granodiorite Profile
Yang C, Zhao Y & Yang S

(2023) Geochemical Behavior of Beryllium-9 in the Changjiang Estuary: The Importance of Benthic Fluxes
Wang C, von Blanckenburg F, Lian E, Yang S, Perez JPH & Wittmann H

(2023) Dominance of Benthic Fluxes in the Oceanic Beryllium Budget and Implications for Paleo-Denudation Records
Deng K, Rickli J, Suhrhoff TJ, Du J, Scholz F, Severmann S, Yang S, McManus J & Vance D

(2023) A Quantitative Approach for Evaluating the Extent of Quartz Dilution and Tracing the Recycled Sediment Provenance
Guo Y-L & Yang S

(2023) Fire and Civilization:From Passive Adaptation to Anthropogenic Modification
Hao Q, Yang S, Yang C, Vasquez Vargas AC, Zhang C & Guo J

(2023) Geochemical Characteristics of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River Water during a Large Flood Event and Implications for Enhanced Chemical Weathering and CO2 Consumption
Guo J, Su N, He Z, Vasquez Vargas AC, Hao Q & Yang S

(2023) Weathering Signal Propogation in East Asian Continental Margins
Yang S, Deng K, Yang C, Hu Z & Su N

(2023) U-Series Comminution Age Constrains Large Catchment Erosion and its Response to Climate Change: A Case Study from the Changjiang
Chen J, Li C, Galy A, Yang C, Wang H & Yang S

(2023) Anthropogenic Source Identification and the Naturally Heavy Cu Isotopic Signatures in the Changjiang (Yangtze River)
Vasquez Vargas AC, He Z, Guo J, Yang S, Hohl SV & Hao Q

(2023) Sea-Level Control on Paleoenvironmental Changes and Sediment Provenances in 18252-3 Core from the Southwestern Slope of Southern South China Sea Since 40 ka
Ng NCW, Li C, Duan Z, Jia G & Yang S

(2023) A Zn Isotope Perspective on the Basin-Wide Primary Productivity and Redox Changes during the Mediterranean Sapropel S1 Formation
He Z, Wu J, Yang S & de Lange GJ

(2023) Comminution Age Method Providing a New Perspective for the Glacial History in Northeastern Tibetan Plateau
Duan Z, Li C, An F, Ng NCW & Yang S

(2022) Unusually Heavy Cu Isotope Signatures of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River: The Impact of Chemical Weathering and Delivery to the Oceans
Vasquez Vargas AC, He Z, Yang S, Guo J, Su N & Hao Q

(2022) Controls of Iron Isotope Spatial Variability Across the Changjiang River Basin: Sources, Fractionation, and Implications
He Z, Vasquez Vargas AC, Guo J, Hao Q, Su N, Lian E, Li D & Yang S

(2022) The Sediment Residence Times of Changjiang (Yangtze River) Catchment Response to Climate Change during Last 14 kyrs
Li C, Chen J & Yang S

(2022) Continental Weathering in East Asian Margin Response to Global Cooling and Dynamic Source-To-Sink Process, from Pliocene to Quaternary
Li F, Yang S, Ramos E & Breecker D

(2022) Behavior of Stable Tungsten Isotopes on the Earth’s Surface
Yang R, Li T, Stubbs D, Chen T, Liu S, Kemp DB, Li W, Yang S, Chen J, Elliott T, Dellwig O, Chen J & Li G

(2022) Dominance of Benthic Process in Continental Shelf Rare Earth Element (REE) Cycling and Implications for the Oceanic REE Budget
Deng K, Yang S, Du J, Lian E & Vance D

(2022) Preconcentration and Separation of 9Be and Cosmogenic 10Be in (Coastal) Seawater: Method Comparison and Improvement
Wang C, Wittmann H, Frick DA, von Blanckenburg F, Frank M, Lian E & Yang S

(2020) Critical Considerations for Precise Determination of Stable Strontium Isotopic Compositions by MC-ICPMS
Xu J & Yang S

(2020) Global Bedrocks (234U/238U) Disequilibrium and its Implications on U-Series Disequilibrium Dating
Ng NCW, Li C, Wang C, Duan Z, Guo Y & Yang S

(2020) Clay Li-Nd Isotope Variations in the Changjiang Basin over the Past 14, 000 Years
Yang C, Vigier N, Yang S, Revel M & Bi L

(2020) Anthropogenic Control on Riverine Organic Carbon Dynamics in the Changjiang River Basin post-Three Gorges Dam Period
Panwar S, Bi L & Yang S

(2020) A Reassessment of Radiogenic and Stable Strontium Isotope Systematics in Constraining Silicate and Carbonate Weathering Processes in Mountain Streams
Su N, Yang S, Wu Z, Deng K & Bi L

(2020) In situ Analysis of Benthic Foraminifera by LA-ICPMS and its Indication for Coastal Marine Pollution
Dominech S, Yang S & Huang X

(2020) U-Series Comminution Ages Constrain Sediment Transfer in the Tropical Small Mountainous River: Zhoushui River, Taiwan
Li C, Wang C, Yang S & Guo Y

(2020) Nd Isotope Fingerprinting Reveals Anthropogenic Impact on the Sediment Routing Processes in the Huanghe Catchment
Guo Y, Yang S & Li C

(2020) Revisit the Provenance and Weathering Intensity Registerted in the Red River Estuarine Sediments
Duan Z, Li C, Guo Y, Ng NCW, Yang S, Duan X, Yin P & Vuong BV

(2020) Comparison of Detrital Zircon U-Pb Ages between Sandy and Fine-Grained Sediments in the East China Sea:Implications for Understanding Source-To-Sink Processes in the Continental Margin Sea
Huang X, Yang H, Song J, Lian E & Yang S

(2020) Isotopic Characterization of the Benthic Iron Flux in the Changjiang Estuary
He Z, Yang S, Lian E, Cai P & Zhang R

(2020) Non-Conservative Behavior of Strontium in the Changjiang Estuary
Lian E, Lai Z, Yang C, Su N, Liu P, Xu J & Yang S

(2019) Enhanced Silicate Weathering Intensity in the Mid-Lower Changjiang (Yangtze River) Valley in Response to the Three Gorges Dam Construction
Yang C, Yang S, Song J & Vigier N

(2019) Detrital Zircon U-Pb Geochronology in the Surface Sediments of East China Seas: Implication for Provenance Analysis and Sediment Mixing
Huang X, Song J, Li Y, Yue W & Yang S

(2019) Using Multiple Isotopes to Trace Silicate Weathering and Sediment Routing Processes in Small Mountainous Catchments
Yang S, Zhao Y, Wang X, Wu Z, Su N, Deng K & Li Y

(2019) Stable Silicon Isotopes Indicate Chemical Weathering and Typhoon Event Impact in a Small Mountainous Catchment
Zhao Y, Yang S & Su N

(2019) Deposition and Retention of Meteoric 10Be in River Terraces of Taiwan Island during the Holocene
Deng K, Wittmann H, Hsieh M-L, Yang S & von Blanckenburg F

(2019) The Internal Dynamics of Sediment Transport System Controls on Short-Term Silicate Weathering in the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Basin
Bi L, Yang S, Li C, Guo Y, Zhao Y & Yang C

(2019) Meteoric 10Be/9Be: A Versatile Tool for Weathering and Erosion Estimates from Small Creeks to Large Rivers of Varying Lithology
Wittmann H, von Blanckenburg F, Deng K, Yang S, Dannhaus N & Krám P

(2019) The Climate Shift Around 4.2ka: Evidence from the Inner Shelf Mud Belt, China
Kajita H, Kawahata H, Wang K, Zheng H & Yang S

(2018) Rapid Response of Silicate Weathering to Climate Change: Evidence from Li Isotopes in the Changjiang Delta Sediment
Yang C, Yang S & Vigier N

(2018) Precise Determination of Sr Stable Isotopes Using MC-ICPMS
Xu J, Xie X & Yang S

(2018) Geochemical Constraints on Two Contrasting Fluvial Sediment Routing Systems in the East Asian Continental Margin
Yang S, Deng K, Li C, Bi L, Su N & Guo Y

(2017) Tracing Fluvial Sediment Routing Systems in East Asia
Yang S, Li C, Deng K, Bi L & Su N

(2017) Time Scale of Sediment Transport in the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Estuary during the Last 13 kyrs
Li C, Yang S, Guo Y & Bi L

(2017) Sr–Nd Isotopes Constrain the Quaternary Evolution of Huanghe (Yellow River) Sediment Routing System
Guo Y, Yang S & Li C

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