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All abstracts by Mark S. Ghiorso in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Determining Magma Ascent Rates from Diffusive D/H Fractionation in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Gaetani G, Bucholz C, Le Roux V, Klein F, Wallace P, Sims K & Ghiorso M

(2016) The Internal Trigger Test: Mapping Overpressure Regimes for Giant Magma Bodies
Tramontano S, Gualda G & Ghiorso M

(2016) Determining the Activity of H2O in Silicate Melts at H2O-Undersaturated Conditions
Moore G, Touran J, Pu X, Ghiorso M & Cottrell E

(2016) Modeling Carbonate Assimilation into Crustal Magmas: Quantifying Overpressure and Eruption Triggers
Ghiorso M

(2016) Highly CO2-supersaturated Melts in the Carpathian-Pannonian Lithosphere
Creon L, Rouchon V, Delpech G, Szabo C, Asimow PD, Antoschechkina PM, Ghiorso MS & Guyot F

(2016) Climbing the Crustal Ladder: Magma Storage-Depth Evolution during a Volcanic Flare-Up
Gualda GAR, Gravley DM, Connor MR, Hollmann BE, Pamukcu AS, Bégué F, Ghiorso MS & Deering CD

(2015) Improved Thermodynamic Model Calibration with Bayesian Methods
Antoshechkina P, Wolf A, Hamecher E, Asimow P & Ghiorso M

(2015) Mantle CO2 Fluxes to the Pannonian Lithosphere Inferred from Mantle Xenolith Investigation
Creon L, Delpech G, Rouchon V, Szabo C, Asimow PD, Antoshechkina PM, Ghiorso MS & Guyot F

(2015) TraceDs: An Experimental Trace Element Partitioning Database
Nielsen R & Ghiorso M

(2013) The Future of Thermodynamic Databases: Community Driven Data Systems Fueled by the Geoinformatics Revolution
Ghiorso M

(2013) A Tool for Exploring the Impact of Crustal Contamination: The Magma Chamber Simulator
Bohrson W, Spera F, Ghiorso M & Creamer J

(2013) High-Silica Rhyolites and Granites: Products of the Shallow Crust
Gualda GAR & Ghiorso MS

(2010) Development of Cyber-Infrastructure for Experimental Data and Trace Element Partitioning (traceDs)
Nielsen R, Ghiorso M, Koppers A & Cunningham J

(2010) The LEPR 2.0
Ghiorso M

(2010) Library of Experimental Phase Relations (LEPR): Status, Prospects, Challenges
Hirschmann M, Ghiorso M & Nielsen R

(2005) Thermodynamic Models of Mantle Melting to Very High Pressures: Objectives, Motivations and Sources of Data
Ghiorso M

(2001) Utilizing Thermodynamic Models to Better Understand the Phase Equilibria and Energetics of Melting of the Upper Mantle: Achievements, Perspectives and Future Directions
Ghiorso MS

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