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All abstracts by Reto Gieré in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Comprehensive Characterization of Individual Tire- and Road-Wear Particles Through Image and Elemental Analysis
Edwards JA, Ertel B, Weinstein J & Gieré R

(2022) Experimental Leaching Study of Lithium Ores in Various Environmental Acids
Toupal J, Vann DR, Zhu C & Gieré R

(2022) Magnifying Microplastics: Exploring Tire and Road Wear Particles Through Image and Elemental Analysis
Edwards JA, Gieré R, Ertel B & Weinstein J

(2021) Micro- and Nano-Scale Characterization of Exceptionally Long Chrysotile Fibers from Val Malenco, Italy
Gieré R

(2021) Geochemistry of Surface Waters Around Four Hard-Rock Lithium Deposits in Central Europe
Toupal J & Gieré R

(2020) Microscopic Investigations of Yellow Traffic Paint Particles Subjected to Aqueous Dissolution
O'Shea M, Vigliaturo R, Choi J, McKeon T, Krekeler M & Gieré R

(2020) Electron Microscope Study of Silica Phytoliths and Other Si-Rich Bodies in Rice Straw and Husks
Gieré R, Vigliaturo R, Wilson J, Colicchio B, Leyssens G, Kehrli D, Trouvé G & Dieterlen A

(2020) State-Of-The-Art Electron Microscopy in Medical Mineralogy and Biogeochemistry
Vigliaturo R & Gieré R

(2020) Mineralogy, Chemistry, and Toxicology of Particulate Emissions from Combustion Processes
Gieré R

(2020) Assessing Environmental Impacts of Lithium Mining from Granites and Pegmatites
Toupal J & Gieré R

(2019) Phytoliths in Miscanthus Sinensis and Rice Straws: A Comparative Study
Vigliaturo R, Gieré R, Colicchio B, Leyssens G, Trouvé G, Wilson JP & Dieterlen A

(2019) Microbe-Mineral Interactions between Thermovibrio Ammonificans, a Deep-Sea Vent Microbe, and Asbestos Minerals
Choi J, Vigliaturo R, Giere R & Perez-Rodriguez I

(2018) Characterization of Amphibole Surfaces Through acSTEM Dual-Eels
Vigliaturo R & Gieré R

(2015) Mineral Lung Dust
Wenzel M, Kuhn B, Grobéty B & Gieré R

(2015) PM2.5 from Biomass Combustion Induces Stress Related and Antioxidant Proteins in THP-1 Macrophages
Heßelbach K, Dornhof R, Maschowski C, Gieré R, Humar M & Merfort I

(2015) BIOCOMBUST: Health Impacts of Particulate Matter from Biomass Combustion
Arif AT, Maschowski C, Garra P, Gminski R, Trouvé G, Dieterlen A, Mersch-Sundermann V, Nazarenko I & Gieré R

(2015) Dust Depostition in Snow from Northeast Antarctica: Mineralogical, Morphological and Chemical Characterization
Vanderstraeten A, Bonneville S, Schoeman V, Flament P, Deboudt K, Grobéty B, De Vleeschouwer F, Le Roux G, Gieré R, Tison J-L & Debaille V

(2015) Sampling, Measurement and Single-Particle Analysis of Coarse Particulate Matter (PM) from Small-Scale Wood Burning in the Black Forest
Dietze V, Tian Z, Kaminski U, Cen K, Maschowski C, Stille P & Gieré R

(2015) Results of a One-Year Ambient Aerosol Study with Coarse Particle Characterization at Highly Frequented Motorways in Germany
Tian Z, Dietze V, Baum A, Kaminski U, Sauer J, Stille P, Maschowski C, Cen K & Gieré R

(2015) Lightning-Induced Shock Lamellae in Quartz
Gieré R, Wimmenauer W, Müller-Sigmund H, Wirth R, Lumpkin G & Smith K

(2014) Characterization of Lung Dust
Wenzel M, Seeholzer F, Kuhn B, Grobéty B & Gieré R

(2014) Characterization of Biomass Fly Ashes from Different Flue Gas Treatments
Maschowski C, Gieré R, Trouve G, Garra P, Leyssens G, Schoennenbeck C & Kruspan P

(2013) The Role of Th-U Minerals in Assessing the Performance of Nuclear Waste Forms
Lumpkin G, Giere R, Williams T & Geisler-Wierwille T

(2013) Ambient Aerosol Measurements and Particle Characterization at Highly Frequented Motorways in Germany
Dietze V, Baum A, Kaminski U, Surkus B, Stille P, Wenzel M & Gieré R

(2013) Long Range Transport of Volcanic Aerosols: The Eyjafjallajökull Plume 2010
Grobety B, Meier M, Botter C, Weber K, Fischer C, Vogel A, Goldenberg E & Gieré R

(2013) Iron Speciation in Natural and Industrial Dust: What can We Learn from Individual Particle Analysis?
Flament P, Deboudt K, Marris H & Gieré R

(2013) Open-Pit Coal Mining Effects on Rice Paddy Soil Composition and Metal Bioavailability to Oryza sativa L. Plants in Cam Pha, Northeastern Vietnam
Marquez JE, Martinez R, Hoàng TBH & Gieré R

(2013) Geochemical Characterization of Tire-Wear Particles
Wenzel M, Dietze V, Stille P & Gieré R

(2013) BIOCOMBUST – Biomass, Energy, Health
Gieré R, Maschowski C, Merfort I, Könczöl M, Dornhof R, Dietze V, Kaminski U, Nazarenko I, Mersch-Sundermann V, Gminski R, Trouvé G, Dieterlen A, Kleinpeter J, Drewnick F, Freutel F & Kruspan P

(2013) Characterization of Woody Biomass Ashes and their Utilization Potential
Maschowski C, Gieré R & Trouvé G

(2012) Characterization of Re-suspended Ash from the Eyjafjallajökull
Sommer F, Dietze V, Grobety B & Giere R

(2012) Assessing the Health Effects of Atmospheric Particulate Matter
Giere R

(2012) Schwertmannite Formation in Acid Mine Drainage in NE Viet Nam
Giere R, Hoang-Hoa TB, Martinez R & Wirth R

(2012) Characterization of Combustion Products from Biomass Pellets
Maschowski C, Giere R & Trouve G

(2012) Trace Element Mobility and Root Iron Plaque Effects on Rice Growth in a Coal Mining Area of North Vietnam
Martinez RE, Marquez JE, Hoa HTB & Giere R

(2012) Tire-Wear Particles and their Impact on Human Lung Cells
Wenzel M, Ebeling S, Merfort I, Dietzte V & Giere R

(2011) Dust Particles in Brochoalveolar Lavage Fluids from Coal Miners in Quang Ninh Province, Viet Nam
Gieré R, Hoàng-Hòa TB & Sedlazeck P

(2011) Characterization of Airborne Dust Particles in the Coal Mining Area of Cam Pha, Northern Viet Nam
Hoàng-Hòa TB, Gieré R, Dietze V, Kaminski U & Stille P

(2011) Mineralogy of Atmospheric Particles Deposited on Cypress Leaves Close to a Nuclear Plant
Kaltenmeier R, Gieré R & Pourcelot L

(2010) Studies of Airborne Radionuclides in the Vicinity of a Nuclear Facility
Pourcelot L, Masson O, Renaud P, Van Hecke W & Gieré R

(2010) Zinc Isotopes of Particulate Matter from the Combustion of Coal and a Coal+Tire-Derived Fuel Blend
Borrok DM, Landa ER, Ren M & Gieré R

(2010) Chemical and Isotopic Properties of Airborne Particles in Urban and Rural Environments of the Rhine Valley
Guéguen F, Stille P, Dietze V, Millet M & Gieré R

(2010) Passive Sampler Technique Sigma-2 with Automated Microscopic Real Color Image Processing for Particle Measurements in the Size Range from 2.5-80 µm
Dietze V, Kaminski U, Gieré R, Goldenberg E, Stille P, Grobéty B & Neururer C

(2010) Single-Particle Characterization of Saharan Dust Events at an Urban Site in Freiburg, Germany
Goldenberg E, Gieré R, Grobéty B, Dietze V, Stille P, Kaminski U & Neururer C

(2009) Preliminary Results from a Study of Coarse Airborne Particles >2.5µm in Hanoi, Vietnam
Oehler A, Gieré R, Grobéty B & Dietze V

(2008) Anthropogenic Metal Sulfates in Atmospheric Particulate Matter
Gieré R, Oehler A & Smith K

(2008) Sb Sorption Complexes on Fe Oxide Surfaces: An EXAFS Study
Ackermann S, Majzlan J, Bolanz R, Giere R & Newville M

(2008) Mineralogical and Geochemical Study of PM10 in Strasbourg
Oehler A, Gieré R, Stille P, Grobéty B & Dietze V

(2008) Synthesis and Mineralogical Characterization of Members of the Voltaite Group
Kowalski W, Gieré R & Majzlan J

(2007) Mineralogical and Geochemical Study of Airborne Particulates (PM10) in an Urban Environment
Oehler A, Gieré R & Stille P

(2007) Mineralogical Characterization of Mn Ores of Shallow Marine Origin in Northeast Vietnam
Dao D & Gieré R

(2007) Metal Sulfates in PM Emissions from a Coal-Fired Power Plant
Gieré R, Blackford M, Smith KL, Williams CT & Kirk C

(2007) Antimony Speciation in Shooting Ranges and its Association with Iron Oxides
Ackermann S, Gieré R & Majzlan J

(2006) Light Element Distribution in an Amphibolite-Facies Metapelite
Gieré R, Jeffries T, Garcia-Sanchez R & Williams T

(2003) Particulate Atmospheric Emissions from a Power Plant Combusting a Coal+Tire Mixture
Gieré R, Smith K & Blackford M

(2002) Impact of Tire-Derived Fuel on the Chemical Composition of Coal-Combustion Products
Gieré R, Carleton LE, LaFree ST, Zingg A & Tishmack JK

(2002) Assessing the Geochemical Behaviour of Ceramic Nuclear Waste Forms Using Natural Samples
Lumpkin G, Smith K, Gieré R & Williams T

(2001) Trace Element Partitioning in Amphibolite-Facies Metapelites from the Central Alps
Gieré R, ̧nther DG & Rumble D

(2001) Ion Exchange during Alteration of Metamict Microlite
Gieré R, Buck EC, Williams CT, Reusser E, Marques J, Guggenheim R & Mathys D

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