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All abstracts by Kathryn Gillis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) The Effect of Solution Chemistry on Li Elemental and Isotopic Fractionation during Calcite Growth
Seyedali M, Coogan L & Gillis K

(2015) Trace Element Budget along a Section of Fast-Spread Oceanic Crust: Results from Drilling at the Hess Deep Rift (ODP Leg 147 and IODP Expedition 345)
Godard M, Falloon T, Gillis K, Akizawa N, Koepke J, Marks N, Saha A, Garbe-Schonberg D & Meyer R

(2014) Static and Fault-Related Alteration In The Lower Ocean Crust, IODP Expedition 345, Hess Deep
McCaig A, Titarenko S, Faak K, Harigane Y, Marks N, Nozaka T, Python M, Wintsch R & Gillis K

(2014) Characterizing Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Lower Gabbros from Hess Deep
Marks N & Gillis K

(2014) Hydrothermal Alteration at the Hess Deep Rift
Gillis K, Marks N, Faak K, McCaig A, Nozaka T, Python M, Wintsch R, Snow J & Klaus A

(2009) Oxidation of Ocean Crust and the Fate of Seawater Sulphate in Axial Hydrothermal Systems
Barker A, Coogan L & Gillis K

(2008) Lithium Isotopes Provide New Insights into Oceanic Hydrothermal Systems
Brant C, Coogan L & Gillis K

(2008) Ti-in-Quartz Thermometry of Hydrothermal Veins in Ocean Crust
Barker A, Coogan L, Gillis K & Weis D

(2008) Constraints of Carbon Uptake by Seafloor Weathering of Ocean Plates
Klumb A, Gillis K, Paul H & Fitzgerald C

(2008) Quantifying the Spatial Scale of Chemical Heterogeneity Created by Off-Axis Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Ocean Crust: An Example from the Lava Sequence of the Troodos Ophiolite
Gillis K

(2007) Oceanic Hornfels: Records of Heat Transport Near Axial Magma Chamber Roofs
Gillis K

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