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All abstracts by Martino Giorgioni in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) A Shift in Redox Conditions Near the Ediacaran/Cambrian Transition and its Possible Influence in Early Animal Evolution, Corumbá Group of Western Brazil
Caxito F, Sperling EA, Fazio G, Adorno R, Denezine M, do Carmo DA, Giorgioni M & Uhlein G

(2014) The First Crown Eukaryotic Biomarkers Emerge during the Bitter Springs Carbon Isotopic Anomaly
Brocks J, Jarrett A, Giorgioni M, Poulton S, Klaebe R, Kennedy M & Corrick A

(2013) A Combined Sedimentological and Biomarker Record Across the Neoproterozoic Bitter Springs Excursion
Giorgioni M, Jarrett A, Kennedy M & Brocks J

(2013) Microbial and Redox Evolution in the Neoproterozoic of Australia
Jarrett A, Poulton S, Giorgioni M & Brocks J

(2009) Cretaceous Carbon Cycle and Climate: The Negative Carbon Isotope Spike at the Onset of OAE1a in the Early Aptian
Keller CE, Méhay S, Bottini C, Giorgioni M, Garcia TI, Bernasconi SM, Hochuli PA, Erba E & Weissert H

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