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All abstracts by Daniel D. Gregory in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Unraveling the Geological History of the Fenelon Gold Property
Carter J & Gregory D

(2020) Rackla Pluton Geothermal Gradient: Implications for Mineral Exploration
Rego M & Gregory D

(2020) Is Pyrite an Important Sink for Mo? Evidence from XAFS, TEM and APT Analyses of Pyrite
Gregory D, Chappaz A, Atienza N, Taylor S, Perea D, Kovarik L & Lyons T

(2020) Trace Element Mapping in Pyrite Framboids by Atom Probe Tomography
Atienza N, Gregory D, Taylor S, Perea D, Owens J & Lyons T

(2020) Applying Machine Learning Methods to Predict Geology Using Soil Samples
Lui TCC, Gregory DD & Cowling SA

(2020) The Formation of Mechanism of the Large Concretions found Below High Grade Statabound Ni, Mo and V Mineralization in Canada and China
Erb C & Gregory D

(2020) Testing Pyrrhotite Trace Element Content as a Vector Towards the Mineralization in the Sullivan Deposit, B.C
Senol NS & Gregory D

(2020) Trace Element Molecular Geochemistry: A New Approach for Investigating the Past
Chappaz A, Donard O, Hlohowskyj S, Brennan C, Lau K, Gregory D & Lalonde S

(2020) Testing Chlorite Geochemistry as a Vector to Mineralization: A Case Study from the Laronde Penna Deposit
Patterson J & Gregory D

(2020) Ancient Seawater Compositions Recorded in Nanoscale Fluid Inclusions in Pyrite?
Taylor S, Perea D, Kovarik L, Cliff J, Gregory D & Lyons T

(2019) Evaluating δ15N as a High pH Proxy for Closed-Basin Lacustrine Systems
Tino C, Stüeken E, Gregory D, Arp G, Jung D & Lyons T

(2019) The Formation of Pyrite Framboids: A View from TEM and APT
Gregory D, Perea D, Taylor S, Kovarik L, Owens J & Lyons T

(2019) Teaching Economic Geology with a Flipped Classroom
Gregory D

(2019) Vanadium Isotopes of the Yangtze River System, China
Schuth S, Brüske A, Hohl S, Jiang S-Y, Gregory D, Viehmann S & Weyer S

(2019) Identifying Biogenic Signatures in Pyrite by Combining Sulfur Isotopes and Trace Elements Analyses
Figueroa MC, Gregory DD, Williford KH, Fike DA, Jones C & Lyons TW

(2019) A Sulfide Lag? Mechanism of Formation Stratabound Ni Mo Mineralization
Roth C & Gregory D

(2018) Trace Elements and REE Distribution in the Phosphorite-Hosted REE Deposit of the Zhijin Region, Guizhou Province, China
He S, Xia Y & Gregory D

(2018) Unexpected Biogeochemical Controls from the Santa Monica Basin Revealed in Carbon, Sulfur, and Trace Metal Cycling
Figueroa MC, Gregory DD, Choumiline K, LeMieux S, Treude T, Berelson W, Bates S & Lyons TW

(2018) Nano-Inclusions Verses Lattice-Bound Trace Elements in Pyrite: Implications on Formation History and Paleo-Ocean Chemistry
Gregory D, Perea D, Cliff J, Kovarik L, Chappaz A & Lyons T

(2018) Constraints on Earth's Stepwise Oxygenation from Sulfide Oxidation Experiments at Low pO2
Johnson AC, Reinhard CT, Romaniello SJ, Greaney AT, Gregory DD, Lyons TW & Anbar AD

(2018) Using Atom Probe Tomography Spectra to Teach Undergraduate Students
Gregory D & Perea D

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