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All abstracts by Carlos Ayora in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Arsenic Release from Argentinean Volcanic Glass and Ashes
Cacciabue L, Ayora C & Cama J

(2019) The Speciation of Rare Earth Elements in Wastes from Acid Mine Drainage: A Structural Approach to Design their Recovery
Lozano A, Fernández-Martínez A, Ayora C, Di-Tommaso D, Poulain A & Rovezzi M

(2019) Geochemistry of Rare Earth Elements in Acid Rock Drainage
Ayora C, Lozano A, Macías F & Nieto JM

(2018) Basaluminite Aging at Different pH and Sulfate Concentrations
Lozano A, Fernández-Martínez A, Ayora C & Poulain A

(2016) Rare Earth Elements and Yttrium Geochemistry in Acid Mine Drainage Neutralization
Torres E, Ayora C, Lozano A, Macias F, Carrero S, Pérez-López R & Nieto JM

(2015) Acid Mine Drainage: A Possible Source of Rare Earth Elements
Ayora C, Torres E, Lozano A, Macías F, Carrero S, Pérez-López R & Nieto JM

(2013) Assessment of Seasonal Variations in the Mineralogical and Geochemical Features of Sulfide Mine Tailings
Acero P, Pérez-López R, Ayora C, Quispe DL & Nieto JM

(2013) Modelling of Cs Adsorption in Natural Mixed Clays and the Effects of Ion Competition
Garcia-Gutierrez M, Missana T, Benedicto A, Ayora C & De-Pourcq K

(2013) Metal Fluxes at the Sediment-Water Interface in a Reservoir Affected by AMD
Torres E, Ayora C, Arias JL, García-Robledo E, Papaspyrou S & Corzo A

(2012) Seasonal and Inter-Annual Variations in Emerging Groundwater Mine Pollution: Essential Background Information for Acid Mine Drainage Management and Remediation
Caraballo MA, Macaas F, Nieto JM, Ayora C & Hochella MF

(2011) Sediment Diagenesis Modelling in a AMD Contaminated Reservoir
Torres E, Couture RM, Shafei B, Ruiz Cánovas C & Ayora C

(2011) Natural Fe-Oxidizing Lagoon as a Pretreatment in AMD Remediation
Macias F, Ayora C, Caraballo M, Nieto JM & Roetting T

(2010) Divalent Metal Removal from Highly Metal Polluted Acid Mine Drainage, Iberian Pyrite Belt
Macías Suárez F, Caraballo Monge MA, Nieto Liñán JM & Ayora Ibañez C

(2009) The Passivation of Calcite during the Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage. Laboratory Experiments
Offeddu FG, Cama J, Soler J & Ayora C

(2009) Calcite Cleavage Surface Reactivity in Sulphate-Rich Waters
Atanassova R, Cama J, Soler JM, Ayora C & Casanova I

(2009) Iron and Aluminum Precipitates as Metals and Metalloids Sinks in a Passive Treatment System
Caraballo MA, Nieto JM & Ayora C

(2009) Iron Removal Enhancement of a Two Step Calcite Passive Treatment System at the Iberian Pyrite Belt
Macías F, Caraballo MA, Nieto JM, Ayora C & Rötting TS

(2009) Arsenic Mobilization in Acid Mine Drainage from the Tinto Santa Rosa Mine, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Spain
Asta MP, Ayora C, Cama J, Román-Ross G, Gault AG, Charnock JM & Acero P

(2008) Disperse Alkaline Substrate Passive Remediation at Mina Esperanza (Iberian Pyrite Belt, SW Spain)
Caraballo Monge MA, Macías Suarez F, Rötting T, Nieto Liñán JM & Ayora C

(2008) Modeling the Interaction between Geochemical and Hydraulic Processes during Evaporation in Tailings
Acero P, Ayora C, Carrera J, Saaltink MW & Olivella S

(2008) Geochemical Evolution of Marine Shore Mine Tailings in an Hyperarid Climate
Bea Jofré SA, Ayora C, Carrera J & Dold B

(2007) Palaeohydrology of the Mulhouse Basin: Are Fluid Inclusions in Halite Tracers of Past Seawater Composition?
Cendon D, Ayora C, Pueyo JJ, Taberner C & Blanc-Valleron M-M

(2007) Treatment of High Metal Concentration AMD Using Dispersed Alkaline Substrate (DAS), a Novel Passive Treatment System
Caraballo Monge MA, Rötting T, Nieto Liñán JM & Ayora C

(2006) Comparison between chalcopyrite and sphalerite dissolution kinetics under ARD conditions
Cama J, Acero P & Ayora C

(2006) Sulfate starved subbasins: Implications for Permian seawater composition
Cendon Sevilla DI, Pueyo JJ, Ayora C, Taberner C & Peryt T

(2005) The Dissolution of Apatite II
Cama J, Oliva J, Cortina JL, Ayora C & de Pablo J

(2004) Making and Filling Space: Coupled Hydrothermal Karst Genesis and Sulfide/Sulfate Precipitation
Corbella M, Ayora C & Cardellach E

(2002) Fluid Mixing and Deep Dissolution of Carbonates
Corbella M & Ayora C

(2002) Multi-Component Reactive Transport Modelling at the Ratones Uranium Mine (Spain)
Marcuello A, Gómez P, Saaltink M, Ayora C & Carrera J

(2002) Groundwater Geochemistry and Dissolution Processes of the Okélobondo Uranium Ore (Gabon)
Salas J & Ayora C

(2002) Calibration of a Reactive Transport Model to Interpret a Deep-Well-Recharge Field Experiment at Langerak (the Netherlands)
Saaltink MW, Ayora C, Stuyfzand PJ & Timmer H

(2000) Oxidative Dissolution Rate of Aznalcóllar Sulphide Sludge (SW Spain)
Domènech C, de Pablo J & Ayora C

(2000) Weathering of the Pyritic Sludge Remaining in the Soil after the Aznalcóllar Accident (SW Spain)
Domènech C & Ayora C

(2000) Oxidation Processes of the Natural Nuclear Reactor of Okélobondo (Gabon): Reactive Transport Modelling
Salas J, Ayora C & Bitzer K

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