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All abstracts by William Gilhooly in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Land Plant Radiation and its Linkages to Global Marine Anoxia during the Devonian
Gilhooly W, Vander Pas B, Smart MS, Filippelli G, Ozaki K, Reinhard CT, Marshall JEA & Whiteside J

(2022) Sulfur and Oxygen Isotope Study of Sulfur Cycling in a Polymictic Eutrophic Saline Lake, Salton Sea, California
Hung C, Diamond C, Gilhooly W, Tino CJ & Lyons TW

(2021) High-Frequency Sulfur Isotope Variability in the Late Ordovician of the Cincinnati Region
Gilhooly W, Vander Pas B, Becerra E, Bosco-Santos A & Dattilo B

(2021) Modeling Global Biosphere Response to Enhanced Riverine Nutrient Delivery during the Late Devonian Kellwasser Event
Smart MS, Ozaki K, Reinhard CT, Marshall JEA, Whiteside J, Gilhooly W & Filippelli G

(2020) Production and Preservation of Novel Bacteriohopanepolyols Under Extreme Environmental Euxinia
Sparkes R, O'Beirne M, Werne J, Gilhooly W & van Dongen B

(2020) Sulfur Structure and Stable Isotopic Analysis of the Blackstone Band of the Jurassic Aged Kimmeridge Clay Formation
O'Beirne M, Werne J, Gilhooly W, Bosco-Santos A, Raven M, Sessions A & van Dongen B

(2019) Ferruginous – Euxinic – Oxic: A Three Step Redox Change in the Neoarchean Record
Bosco-Santos A, Gilhooly W, Fouskas F, Baldim M & Oliveira E

(2018) Late Archean Euxinia: The Brazilian Craton Example
Bosco-Santos A, Gilhooly Iii W, Fouskas F, Baldim M & Oliveira E

(2018) The Chemical and Biological Evolution of a Meromictic Lake, Washington USA
Gilhooly W, Harris J, Bosco-Santos A, Steinman B, Crane E, Shelton M, Picard C, O'Beirne M & Werne J

(2018) Pyrite and Organo-Sulfur Formation in Modern Euxinic Lakes
Fouskas F, Gilhooly lll WP, O'Beirne MD, Werne JP, Bosco-Santos A, Kurek M & Druschel GK

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