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All abstracts by Johannes Glodny in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) What can be Learnt from the G-Chron U-Th-Pb Proficiency Testing Program
Meisel TC, Wiedenbeck M, Webb PC & Glodny J

(2023) Geochronological Constraints of the Paleoproterozoic Tectonics of Northern Indian Plate in Northern Pakistan
Sajid M, Wiedenbeck M, Arif M, Glodny J & Ghani H

(2021) Connate Brine Incorporation into the Bushveld Magmas as Evidenced by Hydrogen and Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Phlogopite from the UG2 Chromitite
Zhou H, Trumbull RB, Veksler IV, Bindeman IN, Glodny J, Kaufmann FED & Rammlmair D

(2019) Li and B Isotopic Fingerprint of Archean Subduction
Wang D, Romer RL, Guo J-H & Glodny J

(2019) Sr and Ar Diffusion Systematics in Polygenetic White Micas from Naxos
Villa IM, Glodny J, Ring U, Skelton A & Peillod A

(2018) High-Grade Crustal Melting: Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Disequilibria
Wolf M, Romer RL & Glodny J

(2017) High δ7Li Peridotite Xenoliths from ca. 2.52 Ga High-Mg Diorites: Metasomatism Above an Archean Subduction Zone
Wang D, Romer RL, Guo J & Glodny J

(2016) Field and Experimental Investigations of Li behavior-Implications for Fluid Origin and Fluxes in SZ Forearcs
Kastner M, Solomon E, Romer R & Glodny J

(2015) Fluid Transport and Metasomatism along the Subduction Interface: Insights from W. Alps High-Pressure Ophiolites
Angiboust S, Pettke T, De Hoog CJ, Glodny J & Oncken O

(2015) Blueschists Accretion along the Subduction Interface: Insights from Diego de Almagro Island (Chilean Patagonia)
Hyppolito T, Angiboust S, Juliani C, Calderon M, Garcia-Casco A & Glodny J

(2009) CO2 Sequestration and Extreme Mg Leaching in Serpentinized Peridotite Clasts of the Solund Devonian Basin, SW-Norway
Beinlich A, Austrheim H, Glodny J, Erambert M & Andersen TB

(2007) Petrogenesis of Fayalite Granitoids: New Insights from Metapelitic Xenoliths
Vásquez P, Franz G, Glodny J & Romer R

(2007) Exhumation Histories of High-Pressure Rocks: New Insights from Rb-Sr Geochronology
Glodny J

(2002) Rb/Sr Record of Fluid-Rock Interaction in Eclogites, Bergen Arcs, Norway
Glodny J, Kühn A & Austrheim H

(2000) Dating of Subduction-Related Fluid Mineralizations: Constraints on the Life Span of a Paleozoic Subduction System in the Polar Urals, Russia
Glodny J, Austrheim H & Rusin A

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