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All abstracts by Dominik Hülse in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Global Budgets of Organic Carbon Degradation Pathways in Marine Sediments
Hülse D, van de Velde S, Bradley JA, Pika P, Dale A & Arndt S

(2020) A Dynamic Biological Pump Controlled the Global Redox Landscape during the End-Permian Extinction
Hülse D, Lau K, Arndt S, van de Velde SJ, Meyer K & Ridgwell A

(2020) Reconstructing the Spatial Redox Structure of Anoxic Oceans Using a 3D Ocean-Based Earth System Model
van de Velde SJ, Hulse D, Reinhard CT & Ridgwell A

(2019) Signal Tracking Diagenesis Model
Kanzaki Y, Hülse D, Kirtland Turner S & Ridgwell A

(2019) Bioturbation: How Much is it Messing up our View of the Past?
Hülse D, Kirtland Turner S, van de Velde S, Kanzaki Y & Ridgwell A

(2018) About the Beginning and End of OAEs: A Story of Biogeochemical Feedbacks and Organic Matter Burial
Hülse D, Arndt S & Ridgwell A

(2018) Silicate Weathering vs. Organic Carbon Burial: Who Wins?
Ridgwell A, Hülse D, Arndt S & Kirtland Turner S

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