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All abstracts by Edwin Gnos in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Classification and 53Mn‐53Cr Chronology of Enstatite Chondrite Meteorites from a New Strewn Field in Oman
Prasad A, Hofmann B, Mezger K, Anand A, Kruttasch PM & Gnos E

(2016) Dating Exhumation and Brittle Tectonics on a Regional Scale Through Hydrothermal Cleft Monazite
Bergemann C, Gnos E, Berger A & Whitehouse M

(2015) Monazite Th-Pb Dating Reveals eo-Alpine Evolution in the Eastern Alps during Brittle Deformation
Bergemann C, Gnos E, Berger A, Walter F, Bojar H-P & Whitehouse M

(2013) REE Microdistribution in Laterite from Madagascar
Janots E, Brunet F, Berger A, Bernier F, Munoz M, Lanson M, Trcera N & Gnos E

(2011) Geochronological, Geochemical and Growth Constrains of Alpine Clefts from U-Th-Pb in Monazite
Janots E, Berger A, Gnos E, Whitehouse M & Lewin E

(2007) Electrodynamic Disaggregation of Geologic Material
Gnos E, Kurz D, Leya I & Eggenberger U

(2007) A c. 4.3 Ga U-Pb Age from Lunar Meteorite SaU169 and the Chondritic Sm/Nd of the Moon
Kramers J, Gnos E, Hofmann B & Al-Kathiri M

(2007) Comparative Apatite Fission Track Study of Conventionally Versus selFrag Lab Fragmented Samples
Giese J, Seward D, Gnos E & Kurz D

(2006) Deformation of monazite in an amphibolite-facies shear zone
Berger A, Herwegh M & Gnos E

(2002) Sayh al Uhaymir 094 ˆ a New Martian Meteorite from the Oman Desert
Gnos E, Hofmann B, Villa IM & Al-Kathiri A

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