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All abstracts by Yves Godderis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Role of the Thickness of the Regolith Cover on the Earth Climate Stability
Goddéris Y, Maffre PJ-Y & Pohl A

(2022) Simulating Neoproterozoic Climate and Redox Evolution from First Principles Using a Climate-Chemical Model
Mills BJW, Merdith A, Le Hir G, Donnadieu Y & Goddéris Y

(2022) Driving Mechanisms of Phanerozoic Climate
Merdith A, Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y & Mills BJW

(2022) New Constraints on Early Paleozoic Carbon Cycle Balance and Climate Change from Modelling
Markussen Marcilly C, Maffre P, Le Hir G, Pohl A, Fluteau F, Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y, Hatlen Heimdal T & Torsvik TH

(2021) A Simplified Global Vegetation Model for Deep Time
Gurung K, Mills BJW, Batterman S, Goddéris Y, Donnadieu Y, Porada P & Field K

(2021) Modelling Weathering, Climate and Biogeochemistry over Phanerozoic Time
Mills BJW, Donnadieu Y & Goddéris Y

(2021) Modeling the Effects of Carbon Release from the Karoo Large Igneous Province (LIP)
Hatlen Heimdal T, Goddéris Y, Svensen H & Jones M

(2020) Impact of Changing Weatherability on CO2—climate Coupling during the Late Paleozoic
Montanez I, Godderis Y & Richey J

(2019) A Worldwide Survey of Li and Mg Isotopes in River Clays
Vigier N, Ryu J-S, Godderis Y & Bayon G

(2019) Simulating the Combined Response of Climate, Carbon Cycle and Marine Biodiversity Through a LIP Degassing
Hennequin S, Goddéris Y, Le Hir G, Fluteau F & Brayard A

(2018) Floodplain Versus Mountains in the Li Continental Cycle: A Model View
Maffre P, Goddéris Y, Vigier N & Carretier S

(2018) Simulating the Coupled Response of the Carbon Cycle, Climate and Oceanic Biodiversity to the Onset of the Siberian Traps
Hennequin S, Godderis Y, Le Hir G, Fluteau F, Brayard A, Donnadieu Y, Maffre P & Nardin E

(2017) Temperature and CO2 Dependency of Global Carbonate Weathering Fluxes
Romero Mujalli G, Hartmann J, Goddéris Y, Börker J, Gaillardet J & Calmels D

(2016) Long-Term Inorganic Phosphorus Dynamic: Weathering, Sorption and Occlusion Modelling on the 4100 kyrs Chronosequence in Hawaii
Violette A, Goddéris Y, Guimberteau M, Goll D, Jornett A, Maignan F, Peng S & Ciais P

(2016) Effects of Climate Change on Vegetal Cover Simulations in a Mountainous Forest Catchment
Beaulieu E, Lucas Y, Viville D, Chabaux F, Ackerer P, Goddéris Y & Pierret M-C

(2016) Flat Continents, Weathering, and Climate Regulation
Maffre P, Goddéris Y, Donnadieu Y, Ladant J-B, Carretier S, Labat D & Vigier N

(2015) Weathering of Continent-Scale Volcanic Ash Deposit: Geochemical and Climatic Implications
Aragón Tobar CF, Goddéris Y, Delmelle P & Opfergelt S

(2014) Critical Zone and Carbon Cycle in the Deep Time
Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y & Carretier S

(2013) Modelling Carbon Cycle and Major Cations Weathering Fluxes in a Young Temperate Forest
Violette A, Carnol M, Aubinet M, Godderis Y, Erpicum M, Heinesch B & François L

(2013) Rates of Consumption of Atmospheric CO2 Through the Weathering of Loess during the Next 100 Years of Climate Change
Godderis Y, Brantley S, Francois L, Schott J, Pollard D, Deque M & Dury M

(2013) A Phanerozoic CO2 History Driven by Tectonics
Donnadieu Y, Godderis Y, le hir G, Lefebvre V & Nardin E

(2013) Using WITCH to Quantify Landscape and Hydrologic Controls on Solute Fluxes in the Critical Zone (Susquehanna Shale Hills Observatory, PA)
Sullivan P, Goddéris Y, Shi Y, Schott J, Duffy C & Brantley S

(2013) Coupled Climate-Geochemical Modeling of the Connections between Break-Up of Rodinia, Weathering of Continental Flood Basalts, Snowball Glaciations and the Strontium Cycle
Hubert-Théou L, Cox GC, Le Hir G, Goddéris Y, Donnadieu Y, Halverson GP, Poirier A & Nelson L

(2012) Climate Change: The Future of Continental Weathering
Godderis Y, Beaulieu E, Donnadieu Y, Labat D & Roelandt C

(2011) Numerical Study of Weathering Fluxes at the Catchment Scale in a Boreal Watershed: A Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Geochemical Mechanistic Approach
Orgogozo L, Goddéris Y, Pokrovsky O, Viers J, Labat D, Prokushkin A & Dupré B

(2010) Element Cycling and the Evolution of the Earth System
Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y, Williams J, Roelandt C, Schott J, Pollard D, Pierrehumbert R & Brantley S

(2010) Impact of Atmospheric CO2 Levels on Continental Silicate Weathering
Beaulieu E, Goddéris Y, Labat D, Roelandt C, Oliva P & Guerrero B

(2010) Sensitivity of the Chemical Weathering of the Continents to Environmental Gradients
Godderis Y, Violette A, Beaulieu E, Williams J, Roelandt C, Vigier N, Schott J, Pollard D, Pierret M-C & Brantley S

(2009) Coupled Hydrogeological and Geochemical Modelling at Watershed Scale Under Sensitive Tropical Climate
Violette A, Godderis Y, Marechal J-C, Braun J-J, Riotte J & Sekhar M

(2009) A Model for “Cold-Snap” Episodes Occurring during the Mesozoic
Donnadieu Y, Goddéris Y & Dromart G

(2009) Impact of the Boundary Processes on Si, Ca and Mg Inputs to the Ocean
Jeandel C, Godderis Y, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Lacan F & Arsouze T

(2009) Geochemical Evolution of the Global Ocean during a Mid-Cretaceous OAE: Model Development and Sensitivity Analysis
Arndt S, Regnier P, Donnadieu Y & Godderis Y

(2008) Are We Getting Close to a Mechanistic Description of Weathering in the Field?
Schott J, Goddéris Y, Roelandt C, Williams J, Brantley S, Pollard D & François L

(2008) Integrated Modelling of Biological and Weathering Processes at the Continental Scale
Roelandt C, Godderis Y, Bonnet M-P & Sondag F

(2008) Causal or Casual Link between the Rise of Nannoplankton Calcification and an Abrupt Tectonically-Driven Atmospheric CO2 Decline in the Late Triassic?
Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y, De Vargas C, Pierrehumbert R, Dromart G & van de Schootbrugge B

(2008) Coupled Hydrological and Geochemical Modelling of a Tropical Watershed
Violette A, Goddéris Y, Maréchal J-C, Riotte J, Braun J-J, Murari V & Parathe HR

(2007) Modeling the Effect of Aging on Deccan Traps Weathering and CO2 Consumption
Dessert C, Godderis Y, Schott J & Dupre B

(2007) Modelling Continental Weathering: From the Lab to the Field
Godderis Y, Schott J, Francois L, Dessert C & Dupre B

(2007) Interpreting Soil Profiles Developed on Loess Using a GCM and a Watershed Weathering Model
Williams J, Pollard D, Godderis Y, Bandstra J, Schott J & Brantley S

(2006) A plausible link between the onset of Pangea break-up and the evolution of marine biocalcifiers through changes in atmospheric CO2 and ocean chemistry
Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y, Pierrehumbert R & Jacob R

(2006) Modelling transfer of elements from the continents to the ocean at the large watershed scale in a tropical environment
Roelandt C, Goddéris Y, Bonnet M-P & Seyler F

(2005) Links between Climate, Paleogeography and Silicate Rock Weathering: A Cretaceous vs Present day Comparative Study with the GEOCLIM Model
Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y, Tombozafi M, Pierrehumbert R, Gaillardet J, Kump L & Dupre B

(2005) Basalt Weathering Laws and the Impact of Basalt Weathering on the Global Carbon Cycle
Dessert C, Dupré B, Gaillardet J, Goddéris Y, François L & Schott J

(2005) Modelling the Global Riverine U Fluxes to the Oceans
Riotte J, Goddéris Y, Chabaux F, Munhoven G, François L & Lorenz S

(2004) Modelling Long Term Climatic and Geochemical Consequences of the Karoo-Ferrar Traps Eruption (183 Ma)
Donnadieu Y, Godderis Y, Cecca F, Pierrehumbert R, Ramstein G, Dessert C & Dupré B

(2004) Numerical Modelling of Weathering at the Catchment Scale
Godderis Y, François L, Probst A & Schott J

(2004) Constraining Basalt Erosion Through River Data and Numerical Modeling
Dessert C, Godderis Y, Dupre B & Gaillardet J

(2004) Interactions between Vegetation and Rock Chemical Weathering: A Study with a Coupled Hydrological and Biogeochemical Model
François L, Bureau M, Carignan J, Dambrine E, France- Lanord C, Schott J, Pokrovsky O & Goddéris Y

(2002) Modelling Chemical Weathering at River Catchment Scale: Design and Calibration of the WiTCh Model
Probst A, Godderis Y, Francois L, Labat D, Schott J & Viville D

(2002) The Role of Basalt Chemical Weathering on the CO2 Cycle
Dupre B, Dessert C, François L, Godderis Y, Allegre CJ & Gaillardet J

(2002) Modelling the Cenozoic Evolution of Atmospheric CO2
François LM, Gaillardet J & Goddéris Y

(2002) Snowball Earth and Basaltic Traps
Godderis Y, Nedelec A, Donnadieu Y, Francois L, Grard A & Dupre B

(2001) The Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Phanerozoic Seawater Sulfate Based on Structurally Substituted Sulfate in Carbonates
Strauss H, Kampschulte A & Goddéris Y

(2001) Perturbations in the Upper Devonian Carbon Cycle: II. Modeling
Goddéris Y & Joachimski MM

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