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All abstracts by Vadim Kamenetsky in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) PGE Geochemistry of the Macquarie Island Basalts and Picrites
Park G, Park J-W & Kamenetsky V

(2021) Mafic Dykes in the Northern and South-Eastern Siberian Craton with Age of ca 1.4 Ga: Remnants of Large Igneous Province and Possible Marker for Nuna Break up?
Malyshev S, Ivanov A, Savatenkov V, Lebedeva O, Kamenetsky V, Kamenetsky M, Pasenko AM & Sitkina D

(2020) Sulfides and Noble Metals in Primitive Arc Basalts
Zelenski M & Kamenetsky V

(2020) Links between Ultramafic Lamprophyres and Kimberlites in the Anabar Shield, Yakutia, Russia: Evidence from Multiphase Inclusions in Rock-Forming Minerals
Kargin A & Kamenetsky V

(2019) Can Primitive Kimberlite Melts Have an Alkali-Carbonate Composition?
Golovin A, Sharygin I, Korsakov A, Kamenetsky V, Yaxley G & Abersteiner A

(2019) Nanostructure of Platinum Group Minerals in Ural-Alaskan-Type Intrusions: From Magmatic to Hydrothermal Environments
Pushkarev E, Ballhaus C, Wirth R, Gottman I, Kamenetsky V & Shreiber A

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