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All abstracts by Steven Goderis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Uranium-Isotope Records of Global Ocean Deoxygenation during the Early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE 1a)
Percival L, Dickson AJ, Basu A, Castro JM, Ruiz-Ortiz PA, Bottini C, Erba E, Mutterlose J, Goderis S & Claeys P

(2023) Understanding Diet Through Combined Stable and Radiogenic Sr Isotope Systematics in Archaeological Skeletal Remains
Gerritzen CT, Goderis S, James HF, Črešnar M, Leskovar T, Gruškovnjak L, Potočnik D, Ogrinc N & Snoeck C

(2023) Hot Carbonates Deep within the Chicxulub Impact Structure as Revealed by Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Kaskes P, Marchegiano M, Peral M, Goderis S & Claeys P

(2023) Is Lunar Dust Producing the Late Eocene 3He Anomaly, 36 Ma Ago? New Insights from Extraterrestrial 3He in Iridium Poor Marine Sediments
Fritz J, Blard P-H, Sato H, Ishikawa A & Goderis S

(2023) A New Eemian-Aged Reconstruction of Temperature and Effective Moisture from Padul Wetland, Southern Iberia
Doyle RM, Marchegiano M, Peral M, Goderis S, García-Alix A, Jiménez-Moreno G, Camuera J, López-Avilés A & Claeys P

(2023) Controls on Rare Earth Element Dynamics during Low- and High-Temperature Fluid-Rock Interactions in Carbonatites
Pourkhorsandi H, Debaille V, Decrée S, Simonet C & Goderis S

(2023) Trace Element Determination in Ca-Heavy Matrices: Comparing ICP-MS Based Strategies and Protocols
Boonants T, Snoeck C, Gerritzen CT & Goderis S

(2023) A Volcanological Approach to Better Understand Impact-Related Aggregated Particles: Constraints from the Chicxulub Proximal Ejecta Blanket
Feignon J-G, Kaskes P, Goderis S, Ferrière L, Ledésert B & Claeys P

(2023) CSI Solar System: Clues from Chromites in Cosmic Dust
Van Maldeghem F, Soens B, Maeda R, van Ginneken M, Krämer Ruggiu L, Cordier C, Suttle M, Folco L, Yamaguchi A, Claeys P & Goderis S

(2023) Northwest Africa 13188: A Possible Meteorite... From Earth!
Gattacceca J, Debaille V, Devouard B, Leya I, Jourdan F, Braucher R, Roland J, Pourkhorsandi H, Goderis S & Jambon A

(2023) Moderately Volatile Elements in CB and CH Chondrites
Roland J, Debaille V & Goderis S

(2023) Non-Traditional Isotopic Variations in the Rochechouart Impact Structures: Tracers of Melting, Mixing, Volatilization and Hydrothermal Alteration
Faucher J, Déhais T, Luais B, Debaille V, Claeys P & Goderis S

(2023) Microstructures and U-Pb Ages of Phosphates in Apollo 14 Breccias
Thiessen F, Goderis S, Whitehouse M & Carpenter J

(2023) Tracing Variations in the Flux of Extraterrestrial Material Through Time
Krämer Ruggiu L, Goderis S, Debaille V, Da Silva A-C & Percival L

(2023) Iron Isotope Signatures of Distal Impact Spherules from the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary
Rabin S, Goderis S, Krämer Ruggiu L, Debaille V & Smit J

(2023) Ruthenium Isotope Composition of the K-Pg Impactor and Terrestrial Impact Structures
Fischer-Gödde M, Tusch J, Goderis S, Bragagni A, Mohr-Westheide T, Messling N, Elfers B-M, Schmitz B, Reimold WU, Tissot FLH, Koeberl C, Claeys P, Maier W & Münker C

(2023) Fe, Zn and Mg Stable Isotope Records of Early Differentiation and Core Formation of the Ureilite Parent Body
Chernonozhkin SM, Goderis S, Hublet GC, Weyer S, Horn I, Pittarello L, Claeys P, Debaille V & Vanhaecke F

(2022) Isotope Fractionation of Moderately Volatile Elements in Variably Shocked Ordinary Chondrites
Roland J, Debaille V, Pourkhorsandi H, De Jong J & Goderis S

(2022) Effects of Terrestrial Alteration on Meteorites from Cold and Hot Deserts
Debaille V, Maeda R, Pourkhorsandi H, Goderis S, Hublet GC & Claeys P

(2022) Neoproterozoic Glaciations and their Tally on Seawater Evolution: Stable C, O and Cr Paired with Radiogenic Nd, Sr Isotope-Stratigraphy of the Witvlei Group (Namibia)
Hohl SV, Rodler A, Viehmann S, Gaucher C, Germs G, Goderis S, Frei R & Huang X

(2021) Oxygen Isotope Variability in Unmelted Micrometeorites from the Sør Rondane Mountains, East Antarctica
Van Maldeghem F, Soens B, Kaufmann FEDED, van Ginneken M, Hecht L, Claeys P & Goderis S

(2021) Geochemical and Isotopic Characterization of Shergottite Asuka 12325
Roland J, Debaille V, Hublet G, Pourkhorsandi H & Goderis S

(2021) Longitudinal Isotope Ratio Variations in Human Hair
Rodiouchkina K, Rodushkin I, Goderis S & Vanhaecke F

(2021) Isotope Fractionation of Fe by Hypervelocity Impacts Evidenced by Australasian Microtektites
Chernonozhkin SM, González de Vega C, Artemieva N, Soens B, Belza J, Bolea Fernandez E, van Ginneken M, Glass BP, Folco L, Genge MJ, Claeys P, Vanhaecke F & Goderis S

(2019) Unmelted Antarctic Micrometeorites at the Nanoscale
Van Maldeghem F, Goderis S, Laforce B, Soens B, De Pauw E, Suuronen J-P, Van Ginneken M, Debaille V & Claeys P

(2019) Sedimentary Markers of Ocean Plateau Volcanism during the Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events
Percival L, Tedeschi L, Creaser R, van Helmond N, Snoeck C, Debaille V, Mattielli N, Bottini C, Erba E, Goderis S, Mather T, Jenkyns H & Claeys P

(2019) Neoproterozoic Environmental Conditions: A Novel Metal Stable Isotope Perspective
Rodler A, Hohl S, Gaucher C, Germs G, Hegenberger W, Goderis S, Claeys P & Frei R

(2019) Stable Isotope Signatures of Ureilites on a Mineral Scale
Chernonozhkin S, Goderis S, Hublet G, Dehais T, Claeys P, Debaille V & Vanhaecke F

(2019) Rare Earth Element Distribution and Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd Isotopic Effects in Antarctic H and CM Chondrites
Maeda R, Debaille V, Hublet G, Pourkhorsandi H, Claeys P & Goderis S

(2018) Tracing Meteoritic Components in Cretaceous-Paleogene Microkrystites Using XRF Nano-Analysis
Goderis S, Laforce B, Belza J, Tucoulou Tachoueres R, Van Malderen S, Vekemans B, Vincze L & Claeys P

(2018) Petrographic and Geochemical Characterization of a Chondrule-Like Object Preserved in an Antarctic Micrometeorite
Soens B, Peeters G, Van Ginneken M, Debaille V, Claeys P & Goderis S

(2018) Temporal HSE Variation and Core Formation in Vesta
Debaille V, Slotte N, Wainwright A, Goderis S & Luguet A

(2018) Micrometeorites from the Sør Rondane Mountains, Antarctica
Van Ginneken M, Goderis S, Soens B, Debaille V & Claeys P

(2017) Implications of Fe and Ni Stable Isotope Ratios for the Formation of the Pallasite Parent Body
Chernonozhkin S, Goderis S, Weyrauch M, Costas-Rodrígues M, Oeser M, Horn I, McKibbin S, Weyer S, Claeys P & Vanhaecke F

(2017) The Enigma of Large-Scale Os Isotopic Homogeneity Across the Solar System
Goderis S, Brandon AD, Mayer B & Humayun M

(2017) NanoSIMS Triple-Oxygen Isotope Analyses of Glass-Type Cosmic Spherules from the Sør Rondane Mountains, East Antarctica
Soens B, Franchi I, Goderis S, McKibbin S, Van Ginneken M, Debaille V & Claeys P

(2017) Measuring Oxygen Isotopes in Micrometeorites Using SHRIMP
Van Ginneken M, Avila J, Holden P, Mckibbin S, Goderis S, Soens B, Claeys P, Debaille V, Ireland T, Folco L & Rochette P

(2017) Isotopic Variations in Bone Material during Burning
Snoeck C, de Winter N, Goderis S & Claeys P

(2015) Fe and Ni Isotope Fractionation in Magmatic and Non-Magmatic Iron Meteorites
Chernonozhkin SM, Goderis S, Claeys P & Vanhaecke F

(2015) Nucleosynthetic Os Isotope Anomalies Expressed by Melting in Ureilites
Goderis S, Brandon A, Mayer B & Humayun M

(2014) High-Precision Os Isotopes of CV-CK Carbonaceous Chondrites
Goderis S, Brandon AD & Humayun M

(2013) Formation of the IIE Non Magmatic Iron Meteorites
Van Roosbroek N, Debaille V, Goderis S, Valley J, Spicuzza M & Claeys P

(2010) The Geochemistry of the Brent Impact Structure, Ontario, Canada
Goderis S, Vleminckx B, Paquay F, Chakrabarti R, Renson V, Debaille V, Sluyts W, Vanhaecke F, Spray J, Jacobsen S & Claeys P

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