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All abstracts by Daniel Kaplan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Microbial Iron Oxidation in Metal-Rich Wetlands: An Integrated Kinetics and Omics Study
Chan CS, Tothero G, Awoyemi O, Hoover RL, Kaplan D, O'Loughlin E & Weisenhorn P

(2021) Speciation and Availability of Trace Metal Micronutrient in Wetland Soils and Stream Sediments
Yan J, Sharma N, Flynn E, Giammar D, Catalano JG, Schwartz G, Brooks SC, Weisenhorn P, Kemner K, O'Loughlin E & Kaplan D

(2020) Consistent Controls on Trace Metal Micronutrient Speciation in Wetland Soils and Stream Sediments
Catalano J, Yan J, Flynn E, Sharma N, Giammar D, Schwartz G, Brooks S, Weisenhorn P, Kemner K, O'Loughlin E & Kaplan D

(2020) Sulfur Cycling at the Surface Water-Groundwater Interface in Riparian Wetlands
Ng G-HC, Santelli C, Rosenfeld C, Dunshee A, Kaplan D, Kemner KM, Torgeson J, Srivastava S & Yourd A

(2020) Plutonium Immobilization or Mobilization: The Contribution of Microbial Products and Cells
Merino N, Marie Coutelot F, Parker C, Kaplan D, Kersting A, Jiao Y & Zavarin M

(2020) Seasonal Variability of I-129 Concentrations in a Wetland Receiving Contaminated Groundwater
Nichols R, Kaplan D, Thibault J & Boerstler K

(2018) Structural Modified Organo-Feldspathoid for Sequestration of Anionic Radionuclides
Dickson J(, Conroy N, Powell B, Seaman J, Li D & Kaplan D

(2018) Radioiodine Speciation Impact on Ag-Activated Carbon Immobilization in Cementitious Environments
Kaplan D, Price K, Seaman J, Li D, Lin P, Xu C, Schwehr K, Tanaka K, Ohnuki T & Santschi P

(2018) Alkaline-Activated Metakaolin Solidification of Iodine Sorbed by Layered Double Hydroxides
Ohnuki T, Kozai N, Tanaka K, Tokunaga K, Utsunomiya S, Ikehara R, Komiya T, Takeda A, Kaplan D & Santschi P

(2018) Radioiodine Speciation in Cementitious Environments
Kaplan D, Xu C, Lin P, Li D, Schwehr K, Tanaka K, Ohnuki T & Santschi P

(2018) Molecular Characterization of Organic Compounds Binding 239,240Pu in Nagasaki Soils
Lin P, Xu C, Kaplan D, Yeager C, Schwehr K & Santschi P

(2018) Iodine Conceptual Models at the Hanford and Savannah River Sites: Similarities and Differences
Qafoku N, Kaplan D, Lawter A, Neeway J, Bagwell C, Szecsody J & Truex M

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