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All abstracts by Martin Kurek in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Geologic History of Seawater DOC from Marine Iron Oxides
Galili N, Bernasconi SM, Nissan A, Aquila G, Jaggi M, Kurek M, Lechte M, Haghipour N, Spencer R, Porter S, Blattmann T, Alcolombri U & Hemingway JD

(2020) Biogeochemical Dynamics of Iron Minerals Controlling Transport and Bioavailability in Freshwater Systems
Druschel G, Shukle J, Kurek M, Wilkes A, Nuzzio D & Schroth A

(2018) Understanding Organic Phosphorus Cycling in Redox-Dynamic Eutrophic Freshwater Systems
Kurek M, Harrir M, Shukle J, Leduc M, Schroth A, Schmitt-Kopplin P & Druschel G

(2018) Characterization of Phosphorus Mobility in Shallow, Freshwater Lakes Under Variable Redox Conditions
Shukle J, Leduc M, Kurek M, Schroth A, Wilkes A & Druschel G

(2018) Pyrite and Organo-Sulfur Formation in Modern Euxinic Lakes
Fouskas F, Gilhooly lll WP, O'Beirne MD, Werne JP, Bosco-Santos A, Kurek M & Druschel GK

(2018) Drivers of Iron and Phosphorus Partitioning in Eutrophic Waters and their Sediments: Insight from Monitoring and Experimental Redox Front Manipulation
Schroth A, Druschel G, Leduc M, Wilkes A, Bostick B, Shukle J & Kurek M

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