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All abstracts by Bruno Goffé in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2009) A New Thermodynamic Model for C-S-H Solubility Valid in the Range of P-T Conditions Encountered Around CO2-injection Wells
Corvisier J, Brunet F, Morales-Florez V & Goffé B

(2009) Imaging Traces of Life in Metamorphic Rocks Using Raman, STXM and NanoSIMS
Bernard S, Beyssac O, Benzerara K, Brown Jr. GE, Mostefaoui S, Meibom A & Goffe B

(2009) Calcium Carbonates Distribution in Experimentally Carbonated Portland Cement Cores
Brunet F, Corvisier J, Fabbri A, Bernard S, Findling N, Rimmelé G, Barlet-Gouédard V, Beyssac O & Goffé B

(2009) How do Silica Coatings Affect Mineral Weathering Rates?
Daval D, Martinez I, Sissmann O, Hellmann R, Goffé B & Guyot F

(2008) New Calibration of Raman Spectroscopy of Carbonaceous Materials (RSCM) Geothermometer: Application in Aquitaine Basin (France) and Gulf Coast (Texas)
Lahfid A, Beyssac O, Deville E, Goffé B & Chopin C

(2008) Combining Experimental Studies and Kinetic Modelling to Investigate the Carbonation of Ca-Bearing Silicates
Daval D, Martinez I, Corvisier J, Findling N, Goffé B & Guyot F

(2007) Carbonation of Ca- and Mg-Rich Silicates: Experimental Investigations and Kinetic Modeling
Daval D, Martinez I, Goffé B & Guyot F

(2005) Natural and Thermochemical Stability of Monazite in Low-Grade Metapelites
Goffe B, Janots E, Brunet F, Bollinger L, Grevel K, Cemic L & Negro F

(2005) Thermochemical and Experimental Stability of Synthetic La-Bearing Minerals as Analogues to Nuclear-Waste Forms
Janots E, Brunet F, Goffé B & Poinssot C

(2004) Anhydrite Solubility in Seawater to 200℃ and to 500bars
Bouchez J, Monnin C & Goffe B

(2003) Stability of La-Bearing Minerals in Metapelites from the Frederico Unit (Internal Rif, Morocco) and from the Lesser Himalayas (Western Nepal): Textural and Thermochemical Constraints
Janots E, Bollinger L, Brunet F, Burchard M, Goffe B & Bouybaouène M

(2003) Effect of Temperature Variations on Mass Transfer in Fluid-Rich Metamorphic Systems: An Experimental Study
Verlaguet A, Goffe B, Brunet F & Fritz B

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