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All abstracts by Paul E. Olsen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Biomarkers and Isotopes in the End-Triassic Extinction: Implications for the δ13Corg Record and Extinction
Fox CP, Whiteside JH, Olsen PE, Cui X, Summons RE & Grice K

(2019) Two CAMP Explosive Eruptions
Olsen P, Kinney S, Stüeken E, Jaret S, Percival L, Philpotts A & Whiteside J

(2018) Causal Implications of New Geochronological Constraints on Mesozoic Post-Rift Magmatism in New England
Kinney ST, Setera JB, Olsen PE, MacLennan SA, VanTongeren JA, Schoene B, Town CF, Strauss JV, Hemming SR & Bradley DC

(2018) Atmospheric Deposition of Volcanic Hg on a Jurassic Lava Flow of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province
Whiteside J, Percival L, Mather T & Olsen P

(2018) New Astrochronology of the End-Triassic Extinction (ETE) and Initial Carbon Isotopic Excursion (CIE)
Olsen PE, Yager J, Jessica W & Steinen R

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