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All abstracts by Maria Do Rosário Azevedo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Deformation Assisted Melt Production during the Brasiliano Orogeny: The Banabuiú Migmatitic Complex (NE Brasil)
Azevedo MR, Valle Aguado B, Lima MN & Nogueira Neto JA

(2015) Geochemistry and U-Pb Age of Early Ordovician Ash-Fall Tuff Beds from Moncorvo, Northern Portugal
Urbano E, Gomes M, Meireles C, Teixeira R, Sá A, Santos F, Azevedo M & Corfu F

(2015) Metamorphic Evolution of the Granja Migmatitic Paragneisses (NW Ceará, Brasil)
Silva AJF, Azevedo MR, Valle Aguado B, Nogueira Neto JA, Silva FDO & Soares WC

(2015) Evidence of Crustal Melting: Insights from the Banabuiú Gneiss-Migmatitic Complex (Central Ceará, Brazil)
Martins F, Azevedo MR, Valle Aguado B, Lima M & Nogueira Neto JA

(2011) The Mesozoic Evolution of the West Iberian Margin as Witnessed by Magma Geochemistry
Mata J, Alves CF, Miranda R, Martins L, Madeira J, Terrinha P, Youbi N, Bensalah M & Azevedo MDR

(2010) High Temperature Cooling History of Two Variscan Late- to Post-Kinematic Granitic Plutons from Aguiar da Beira (NE Portugal)
Costa M, Neiva AM, Azevedo MDR & Corfu F

(2009) New Insights in the Early Ordovician Magmatism from the Marão Anticline, Northern Portugal
Gomes M, Coke C, Teixeira R, Azevedo M & Corfu F

(2009) Isotopic and Trace Element Constraints on the Source of the Late Cretaceous Alkaline Magmatism of the West Iberian Margin
Miranda R, Mata J, Terrinha P & Azevedo MDR

(2009) Genesis of Syn-D3 Two-Mica Granite from Aguiar da Beira (Central Portugal)
Costa MM, Neiva AMR, Azevedo MDR, Corfu F & Teixeira R

(2008) 40Ar/39Ar Age Constraints for the D2 Variscan Extension in the Porto-Viseu Metamorphic Belt (Portugal)
Valle Aguado B, Azevedo M, Nolan J & Burgess R

(2007) Sr Isotopic Composition in Variscan Granitoids, Silurian Metasediments and Waters from the Boticas Area (Northern Portugal)
Saraiva M, Gomes M & Azevedo M

(2007) Age Constraints on the Late Cretaceous Alkaline Magmatism on the West Iberian Margin
Miranda R, Mata J, Valadares V, Terrinha P, Azevedo MDR, Gaspar LM, Kullberg JC & Ribeiro C

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