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All abstracts by Walter D.C. Schenkeveld in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Effect of Competing Complexing Cations and Humic Substances on Ligand-Induced Mobilization of Non-Crystalline U(IV) Under Anoxic Conditions
Chardi KJ, Schenkeveld WDC, Kumar N, Noël V, Giammar DE & Kraemer SM

(2022) Suitability of Vivianite as a Long-Term Phosphate Sink in Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems and the Effect of Metal Incorporation
Metz R, Kumar N, Schenkeveld WDC, Obst M & Kraemer SM

(2021) Speciation Influences Copper Mobilisation from Marine Sediments by the Chalcophore Methanobactin
Rushworth D, Kumar N, Noel V, van Helmond NAGM, Slomp CP, Lehmann MF, Schenkeveld WDC & Kraemer SM

(2021) The Mechanism and Effect of Vivianite Oxidation on the Bioavailability of P and Fe
Metz R, Kumar N, Schenkeveld WDC & Kraemer SM

(2021) Remobilization of Uranium from a Bioreduced Field Sediment by Organic Ligands
Chardi KJ, Alvarez Salas M, Kumar N, Schenkeveld WDC, Noel V, Pjevac P, Giammar D & Kraemer SM

(2018) Fe(II)-catalyzed Ligand-Controlled Dissolution of FeOOH: ATR-FTIR, Isotopic, and Kinetic Studies
Biswakarma J, Kang K, Schenkeveld WDC, Borowski SC, Kraemer SM, Hering JG & Hug SJ

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