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All abstracts by Philippe Gouze in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Iron Redox and Potential for Hydrogen Production during Serpentinization of Fine-Grained Lherzolites: Results from a 417-Day Batch Hydrothermal Experiment
Tichadou C, Godard M, Munoz M, Leprovost R, Bonnet C & Gouze P

(2020) Numerical Modeling of a Seafloor Hydrothermal System during Incipi-Ent Serpentinization
Gouze P, Lods G & Godard M

(2020) Unraveling Carbon Uptake Sequences in Fast Cooling Oceanic Serpentinites (Batin, Oman Ophiolite): Insights from O and C Isotopes
Godard M, Noel J, Martinez I, Williams M, Gouze P & Boudier F

(2017) Evidence of Polygenic CO2 Trapping in the Oman Ophiolite Peridotites
Noël J, Godard M, Martinez I, Oliot E, Boudier F, Gouze P, Chaduteau C & Rodriguez O

(2017) Effective Kinetic Laws for Cement in Contact with a CO2-rich Solution
Garcia-Rios M, De Gaspari F & Gouze P

(2016) Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Modelling of CO2-rich Brine Injection Through Sandstone Samples: Role of Flow Rate, Brine Composition, Mixing and Spreading Effects
Luquot L, Soler-Sagarra J, Gouze P, Martinez-Perez L, Saaltink M, Di Gaspari F & Carrera J

(2013) CO2 Mineralization in Percolated Olivine-Rich Rocks: Control of Olivine Crystallographic Orientation and Fluid Flux
Peuble S, Andreani M, Godard M, Van De Moortele B & Gouze P

(2013) Geochemical Investigations of Saltwater Intrusion into the Coastal Carbonate Aquifer of Mallorca, Spain
Garing C, Luquot L & Gouze P

(2011) CO2 Sequestration in Olivine Rich Basaltic Aquifers: A Reactive Percolation Experimental Study
Peuble S, Godard M, Gouze P & Luquot L

(2009) X-Ray Microtomography Characterization of Hydrochemical Properties Changes Induced by CO2 Injection
Luquot L & Gouze P

(2009) Experimental Study of Carbon Sequestration Reactions Controlled by the Percolation of CO2-rich Brine Through Peridotites
Andreani M, Luquot L, Gouze P, Godard M, Hoise E & Gibert B

(2008) Contribution of Through Diffusion Method to the Understanding of Iodide Behaviour Towards Tournemire Argillite
Wittebroodt C, Savoye S & Gouze P

(2007) A Bacterial Model for Studying Interactions between Microorganisms and CO2 Injected in the Subsurface
Dupraz S, Parmentier M, Menez B, Gouze P, Leprovost R & Guyot F

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