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All abstracts by David W Graham in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Testing Models for Three-Component Mantle Heterogeneity as Recorded in Compositions of Lavas from the Off-Axis 8°20’ N Seamount Chain
Anderson M, Perfit M, Graham DW, Kamenov G, Forte A & Johnston G

(2022) Carbon Isotope Composition of Basalts from Kama‘ehuakanaloa (Loihi Seamount): Primordial vs. Recycled Carbon in the Hawaiian Mantle Plume
Graham DW, Michael PJ, Truong TB & Garcia MO

(2022) Understanding Sources and Modification of Primary Magmatic Volatiles in the Taupo Volcanic Zone: Evidence from Helium and Oxygen Isotopes
Farsky D, Rowe M, Chambefort I, Barker S, Rooyakkers S, Faure K & Graham DW

(2017) Redox Reactions of Fe(II)-organic Complexes and Fe-Bearing Clay Minerals
Rothwell K, Graham D & Neumann A

(2015) Iron Biogeochemistry in Arctic Tundra Soils
Herndon E, Roy Chowdhury T, Yang Z, Graham D, Gu B & Liang L

(2014) Halogen and Noble Gas Evolution along the Emperor Seamount Chain
Broadley M, Burgess R, Graham D & Ballentine C

(2014) Geochemical Drivers of Organic Matter Degradation in Arctic Tundra
Herndon E, Mann B, Bargar J, Graham D, Wullschleger S, Gu B & Liang L

(2014) Reactions of Soil Organic Matter with Iron and Iron-Oxides on its Sorption, Transport and Degradation
Gu B, Herndon E, Mann B, Bargar J, Wullschleger S, Graham D & Liang L

(2014) Helium Isotopic Textures in Earth’s Upper Mantle
Graham D, Hanan B, Hemond C, Blichert-Toft J & Albarède F

(2013) Helium Isotope and C/3He Signatures in the Northern Lau Basin: Distinguishing Arc, Backarc, and Hotspot Affinities
Lupton J, Lilley M, Butterfield D, Resing J, Arculus R, Rubin K, Graham D, Keller N, Baker E & Embley R

(2013) Concentration and Behavior of CO2 in MORB and OIB: A Reevaluation
Michael P & Graham D

(2013) Combined Halogen (Cl, Br, I) and Noble Gas Mantle Geochemistry
Ballentine C, Burgess R, Sumino H, Hilton D, Graham D, Van Keken P, Chavrit D, Ruzie L, Clay P, Joachim B, Moorsom B, Jepsom L & Broadley M

(2012) The Southeast Indian Ridge: Scale of Source Heterogeneity and Origin of the DUPAL Anomaly
Hanan B, Blichert-Toft J, Sayit K, Agranier A, Hemond C, Briais A, Maia M, Graham D & Albarade F

(2011) A High-Resolution, Multi-Isotopic Study of Mantle Heterogeneity beneath the Southeast Indian Ridge: Preliminary Pb and Hf Results
Hanan B, Blichert-Toft J, Sayit K, Agranier A, Hemond C, Briais A, Maia M, Graham D & Albarède F

(2011) Isotopic Variations in Mafic Volcanic Rocks from the Western Branch of the East African Rift
Graham D, Furman T, Blichert-Toft J, Lupton J, Ebinger C & Rogers N

(2011) Rollback-Enhanced Decompression Melting of a Volatile-Rich Mantle: The Ancient Lavas of Mt. Etna
Bryce J, Graham D, Blichert-Toft J, Hanan B, Miller S, Barkman J, Spera F & Tilton G

(2008) Assessing a Plume Contribution to the Galapagos Speading Center by Neon Isotopes
Colin A, Burnard P, Marty B & Graham D

(2008) Melting of an Enriched Lithology on the SE Indian Ridge and Possibly Other Ridges from Pb-Th-U Isotopes
Russo C, Rubin K & Graham D

(2008) The Gakkel Ridge – A Microcosm of Global MORB Variability, a Smoking Gun for an Origin of DUPAL Mantle
Goldstein SL, Soffer G, Langmuir CH, Cai Y, Lehnert KA, Graham DW & Michael PJ

(2008) Multi-Component Isotopic Mixing in the Ethiopian Rift: Modeling Plume Contributions to Recent Magmatism
Rooney T, Hanan B, Furman T & Graham D

(2008) Hf Isotopic Insights into Mantle Source Contributions in Turkana, East African Rift System
Locke J, Bryce J, Furman T, Hanan B, Rooney T & Graham D

(2007) Isotopic Constraints on Picritic Magmatism, Iceland
Waight T, Brandon A, Graham D & Gautason B

(2007) Assimilation beneath Mid-Ocean Ridges: Cl and H2O Constraints
Michael P, Graham D, Christie D, Hoernle K, Hauff F & Hanan B

(2007) Neon and Plume – MORB Mixing along the Galapagos Spreading Center
Poirier V, Burnard P, Graham D & Marrocchi Y

(2007) Os-He Isotope Systematics of Iceland Picrites: Evidence for a Deep Origin of the Iceland Plume
Brandon A, Graham D, Waight T & Gautason B

(2005) On the Enigmatic Basalts of the Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho
Reid M, Graham D, Cooper L & Lassak T

(2004) Hf Isotopes and Mantle Melting along the Southeast Indian Ridge
Graham D, Blichert-Toft J, Russo C & Rubin K

(2004) An Arctic Mantle Domain Boundary: Evidence from the Gakkel Ridge
Soffer G, Goldstein S, Graham D, Langmuir C & Michael P

(2004) Geochemistry of Gakkel Ridge
Michael P, Langmuir C, Goldstein S, Soffer G, Dick H, Snow J & Graham D

(2001) Volatiles in the Source of Basalts from the Southeast Indian: Degassing Corrections from Noble Gas Trajectories
Burnard PG, Farley KA & Graham DW

(2000) Application of Resource-Ratio Theory to Contaminant Transformation Phenomena in Natural Systems
Graham D

(2000) Fractionation of Noble Gases during Mantle Melting: Amsterdam-St. Paul's Plateau, South East Indian Ridge
Burnard P, Farley K, Graham D & Mukhopadhyay S

(2000) Spatial Statistics of Isotopic Variations along Mid-Ocean Ridges
Graham DW & Spera FJ

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