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All abstracts by Gorkhmaz Abbaszade in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) The Impact of Soil Metal(loid) and Physicochemical Properties on Soil Microbial Community Structure in Urban Areas
Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Salazar N, Zachary D, Toth E & Szabó C

(2022) Chemical Composition of Metal(Loid)S in Anthropogenic Spherical Magnetic Particles from Attic Dust Collected from Two Former Industrial Cities, Hungary
Salazar N, Völgyesi P, Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Maghsoudlou M, Zacháry D & Szabó C

(2022) Radiological Assessment of Natural and Artificial Radionuclides in Attic Dust and Urban Soil Samples in a Former Heavy Industrial City (Salgótarján, Hungary)
Tserendorj D, Szabó KZ, Völgyesi P, Cong Nguyen T, Hatvani IG, Buczkó N, Abbaszade G, Salazar N & Szabó C

(2021) Assessment of Natural Radionuclide Levels in Attic Dust Around Coal-Fired Power Plant: A Case Study in City of Salgótarján, Hungary
Tserendorj D, Szabó KZ, Völgyesi P, Abbaszade G, Tan DL, Salazar N & Szabó C

(2021) Analyses of Heavy Metals in Attic Dust of a Former Industrial City (Ózd, Hungary)
Salazar N, Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Völgyesi P, Zacháry D, Szabó KZ & Szabó C

(2021) A Study on the Accumulation of 55 Elements in Attic Dust at Two Former Industrial Cities – Ózd and Salgótarján, Hungary
Tan DL, Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Salazar N, Völgyesi P, Falus G & Szabó C

(2021) Biomineralization and Detoxification of Toxic Compounds, Otavite Production by Cupriavidus Campinensis S14E4C
Abbaszade G, Boka K, Aradi L, Szabó C & Toth E

(2019) Assessment of Urban Soil Heavy Metal Contamination and Bioremediation Potential
Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Do Le T, Salazar N, Tóth E, Zacháry D, Völgyesi P & Szabó C

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