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All abstracts by Munira Afroz in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Oxygenic Photosynthesis in the Mesoarchean Confirmed by La-Ce Geochronology
Patry L, Bonnand P, Boyet M, Afroz M, Wilmeth D & Lalonde SV

(2023) Mo Isotope Chemostratigraphy of the 2.93 Ga Red Lake Carbonate Platform
Migeon ALE, Afroz M, Patry L, Sans-Jofre P & Lalonde SV

(2023) Elemental and Carbonate Isotope Chemostratigraphy of the Mesoarchean Carbonate Platform at Red Lake (Canada)
Afroz M, Fralick PW, Patry L & Lalonde SV

(2023) Comparative Rare Earth Element Systematics from Three Mesoarchean Carbonate Platforms
Lalonde SV, Patry L, Afroz M, Wilmeth D & Bonnand P

(2022) In situ Multiple Sulfur Isotope Analyses of a Mesoarchean (2.93 Ga) Sulfidic Shale, Red Lake, Canada
Afroz M, Marin-Carbonne J, Fralick PW, Patry L & Lalonde SV

(2021) High-Precision Elemental and Stable Isotope Mapping of a Mesoarchean Stromatolite: Implications for Primitive Phototrophic Metabolism and Paleoecology
Nicol L, Sans-Jofre P, Fralick PW, Afroz M, Patry L, Homann M, Gobert T & Lalonde SV

(2021) Mesoarchean Redox Cycling from Shallow to Deep Through Coupled Fe-S Stable Isotope Measurements
Patry L, Fralick PW, Afroz M, Sans-Jofre P, Thomazo C, Homann M & Lalonde SV

(2021) Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Chemostratigraphy of a Mesoarchean Carbonate Platform (Red Lake, Canada)
Afroz M, Fralick PW, Patry L, Sans-Jofre P & Lalonde SV

(2020) Mechanisms Controlling Archean Iron Formation Genesis in Shallow vs. Deep Water
Bielski P, Fralick P, Afroz M & Lalonde S

(2020) Fe Isotope and REE Signatures Through a Mesoarchean Carbonate Platform: New Data from the 2.94 Ga Red Lake Greenstone Belt (Canada)
Patry L, Fralick P, Sansjofre P, Homann M, Thomazo C, Afroz M & Lalonde S

(2020) High Resolution Chemostratigraphy of Earth’s Earliest Carbonate Platform, Red Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario, Canada
Afroz M, Philip F, Laureline P & Lalonde S

(2020) New Constraints on Seawater Chemistry from Mesoarchean Carbonates, Canada
Liang L, Afroz M, Fralick P, Lalonde S, Ramsay B & Riding R

(2020) New Insights into Mesoarchean Photosynthesis from >2.8 Ga Carbonate Platforms of the Superior Craton
Lalonde S, Sansjofre P, Ramsay B, Patry L, Afroz M, Homann M & Fralick P

(2020) Fine-Grained Carbonates in Mid-Archean ‘Oxygen Oases’: Origins and Implications for CO2 Level
Riding R, Fralick P, Liang L, Afroz M, Lalonde S & Ramsay B

(2019) Paired Carbon Isotope Data for Carbonate and Organic Matter from Earth’s Oldest Carbonate Platform (2.94 ga Red Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario, Canada)
Sansjofre P, Fralick P, Homann M, Afroz M, Earthbloom T & Lalonde S

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