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All abstracts by Gregory Brennecka in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Unmixing the Mix-Up in the Solar Nebula Using ε54Cr and Volatile Element Concentrations in Chondrites
Sridhar S, Gilchrist AM, Barling J, Holdship P, Render J, Brennecka G & Bryson JFJ

(2023) Rhenium Isotope Reconnaissance of Uranium Ore Concentrates
Sullivan DL, Brennecka G, Grant KE & Anbar AD

(2022) Geolocation of Uranium Ore Concentrates Through 143Nd/144Nd Measurements
Devlin McLoughlin VE, Shollenberger QR & Brennecka G

(2022) Rapid Characterization of Actinide Abundances and Isotopic Compositions by HR-ICP-MS
Brennecka G & Wimpenny J

(2021) Creative Chronology – Recent Innovations and Future Challenges
Brennecka G

(2020) Dy, Er, and Yb Isotope Systematics in Meteorites and their Components
Shollenberger Q & Brennecka G

(2020) Insights on CAI Transport Mechanisms from Ti Isotopic Signatures
Render J, Bryson J & Brennecka G

(2019) Origin Assessment of Uranium Ore Concentrates: Sm Isotopes as a New Nuclear Forensic Signature
Shollenberger Q, Borg L & Brennecka G

(2019) Nucleosynthetic Nd Isotope Anomalies in Angrites and Eucrites
Render J & Brennecka G

(2019) Early Solar System Dynamics Inferred from Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Individual Chondrules
Schneider JM, Burkhardt C, Brennecka GA & Kleine T

(2019) Linking Molecular Cloud Collapse with Formation of Refractory Inclusions
Brennecka G, Burkhardt C, Budde G, Nimmo F, Kruijer T & Kleine T

(2019) Lack of Late-Accreted Materials in Archean Mantle Sources
Archer G, Brennecka G, Gleissner P, Stracke A, Becker H & Kleine T

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