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All abstracts by James Greenwood in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) How to Build a Legacy of Scientific Leadership: The HR Formula
Hammer J, Baker L, Barclay J, Carroll MR, Coombs M, Cottrell E, Dygert NJ, Elkins-Tanton L, First E, Gardner J, Goldsby D, Greenwood J, Johnson M, Krawczynski M, Mandeville C, McCanta M, Minitti ME, Nelson W, Prissel T, Venezky D, Weitz C & Woodruff D

(2019) Water-Rich Lunar Glasses in Apollo 17 Basalt 75055: Evidence for a ‘Wet’ Moon
Greenwood J, Itoh S, Sakamoto N, McKeeby B & Yurimoto H

(2018) H, D, F, Cl, Nb, Ce, Nd of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions of Apollo 12 Olivine Basalts 12009 and 12004
Greenwood J, Kawasaki N, Itoh S, Sakamoto N & Yurimoto H

(2018) Differentiated Precursor Bodies as a Source of Earth's Water
Dudley J-M, Greenwood J, Sakamoto N, Abe K, Kuroda M, Varekamp J & Yurimoto H

(2017) The Flyby Model for Chondrule Formation
Herbst W & Greenwood J

(2016) Origin of Extremely Deutrium-Rich Isotopic Compositions of Phosphates from LL4-6 Ordinary Chondrites
Itoh S, Higashi Y, Hashiguchi M, Sakaguchi I, Yanai K, Russell S, Greenwood J, Sakata S, Hirata T & Yurimoto H

(2016) Early Cometary Delivery of Water to the Inner Solar System: Clues from the Moon and Mars
Greenwood J, Itoh S, Sakamoto N & Yurimoto H

(2015) High Chlorine of KREEP: Implications for the Volatile Content of the Moon
Greenwood J, Sakamoto N, Itoh S, Singer J, Warren P & Yurimoto H

(2014) Evidence for the Giant Impact Model from D/H of Water in Lunar Melt Inclusions and Apatite
Greenwood J, Itoh S, Sakamoto N, Yanai K, Singer J & Yurimoto H

(2014) Mostly Wet Apatites on a Mostly Dry Moon
Boyce J, Tomlinson S, McCubbin F, Greenwood J & Treiman A

(2014) Apatite Hygrometry
Boyce J, Tomlinson S, McCubbin F, Greenwood J & Treiman A

(2014) Volatile Element Zoning in Apatite from the Moon and Implications for the Water Inventory on the Moon (and Mars)
Greenwood J, Itoh S, Sakamoto N, Yanai K, Vicenzi E & Yurimoto H

(2014) Extremely Heavier Hydrogen Isotopic Compositions of Phosphate Minerals from LL4-6 Ordinary Chondrites
Itoh S, Yanai K, Greenwood J, Russell S & Yurimoto H

(2013) Petrologic and Metasomatic Controls on H and Cl Abundances and Isotopes in Lunar Rocks
Boyce J, Treiman A, Eiler J, Ma C, Guan Y, Greenwood J, Gross J & Stolper E

(2012) Water in the Moon: D/H and High Volatile Abundances of Lunar Apatite
Greenwood J, Itoh S, Sakamoto N, Warren P, Taylor L & Yurimoto H

(2010) D/H of Lunar Water: Implications for the Origin of the Earth's Water
Greenwood J, Itoh S, Sakamoto N, Warren P, Taylor L & Yurimoto H

(2001) Non-Mass-Dependent Sulfur Isotopes Documented from in situ Measurements of Precambrian Sedimentary Sulfides by Multi-Collector Ion Microprobe
Mojzsis SJ, Coath CD, Greenwood JP, McKeegan KD, Harrison TM & Runnegar B

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