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All abstracts by Michael Bickle in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Quantifying CO2 Removal from Enhanced Weathering Sites: A Multi-Proxy Approach
Knapp WJ, Stevenson EI, Renforth P, Ascough P, Knight ACG, Bridgestock L, Bickle M, Lin Y, Riley AL, Mayes WM & Tipper ET

(2023) An Inorganic Carbon Budget for Three of the Largest Rivers in SE Asia, the Irrawaddy, Mekong and Salween Rivers
Tipper ET, Stevenson EI, Baronas JJ, Turchyn A(V, Bickle M, Relph K & Feng L

(2020) Muddying the Waters: Sediment Water Cation Exchange Reduces Silicate Weathering Feedback
Tipper E, Stevenson E, Alcock V, Knight A, Larkin C, Feng L, Bickle M, Baronas J, Relph K, Hilton R & Hughes G

(2020) Evolution & Stability of Sediment Chemistry in Himalayan Rivers
Hughes G, Tipper E, Bickle M & Andermann C

(2020) Using Oxygen and Sulfur Isotopes to Partition Sources of Riverine Sulfate
Relph K, Stevenson E, Turchyn S, Antler G, Bickle M, Baronas J, Parsons D, Darby S & Tipper E

(2020) Deconvolving the Effects of Lithology, Sorting, and Chemical Weathering Using Compositional Analysis of Irrawaddy River Sediments
Baronas JJ, Lipp A, Stevenson E, Bickle M, Shorttle O & Tipper E

(2019) Sr-Isotopic Ratios Trace Mixing and Dispersion in CO2 Push-Pull Injection Experiments at the Otway Field CO2 Test Site, Australia
Bickle M, Stevenson E & Haese R

(2019) Reactive Transport Modelling of ╬┤88/86Sr in Himalayan Rivers to Constrain the Mechanisms, Magnitudes and Rates of Secondary Calcite Precipitation
Stevenson E, Bickle M, Parkinson I & James R

(2019) Correlation of Li and Si Isotopes in Himalayan River Waters
Bohlin M & Bickle M

(2019) Impact of Coseismic Landslides on Himalayan Chemical Weathering
Hughes G, Tipper E, Bickle M & Andermann C

(2019) Preliminary Weathering and Carbon Budgets for the Irrawaddy and the Salween Rivers
Baronas JJ, Tipper E, Bickle M, Hilton R, Stevenson E, Hackney C & Parsons D

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