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All abstracts by Klaus-Dieter Grevel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) A Thermodynamic Solution Model for Li-Free Tourmaline
Roozen S, van Hinsberg VJ, Dachs E, Benisek A, Grevel K-D, Ryan DH & Bud'ko S

(2019) Thermodynamic Data of Cement Phases
Grevel K-D, Bellmann F, Majzlan J & Dachs E

(2015) In situ X-Ray Diffraction Investigations of FeO(OH) and MnO(OH) at High Pressures and Temperatures
Grevel K-D, Wiethoff F, Petrikis J, Majzlan J, Kirste J & Lathe C

(2011) Thermodynamics of Crystalline iron(III) Arsenates Scorodite, Kaňkite, and Bukovskýite
Majzlan J, Drahota P, Filippi M, Novak M, Loun J & Grevel K-D

(2011) Experimentally Determined Standard Properties for MgSO4·4H2O (Starkeyite) and MgSO4·3H2O; A Revised Internally Consistent Thermodynamic Dataset for Magnesium Sulfate Hydrates
Grevel K-D, Majzlan J, Benisek A, Dachs E, Steiger M, Fortes AD & Marler B

(2009) Internally Consistent Thermodynamic Data for Magnesium Sulfate Hydrates
Grevel K-D & Majzlan J

(2009) Thermodynamic Properties of Kornelite (Fe2(SO4)3·~7.75H2O) and Paracoquimbite (Fe2(SO4)3·9H2O)
Ackermann S, Lazic B, Armbruster T, Doyle S, Grevel K-D & Majzlan J

(2007) The "Mg-Sursassite" Story
Grevel K-D & Fockenberg T

(2005) Natural and Thermochemical Stability of Monazite in Low-Grade Metapelites
Goffe B, Janots E, Brunet F, Bollinger L, Grevel K, Cemic L & Negro F

(2004) Internally Consistent Thermodynamic Data for High-Pressure Phases in the System CaO-Mgo-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O
Grevel K

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