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All abstracts by Lucie Cassarino in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Effects of the K-Pg Boundary Event on the Ocean Silicon Cycle: What Sponge Spicule and Radiolarian Silicon Isotopes can Show us
Stoerling T, Friberg L, Cassarino L, Pickering RA, Doering K, Stamm FM, Hendry KR, Richoz S & Conley DJ

(2023) Silicon Isotopic Fractionation by Modern Polycystine Radiolarians
Cassarino L, Leynaert A, Llopsis Monferrer N, Crosta X, Not F & Sutton J

(2021) Dynamic Silicon Cycling at the Land-Ocean Interface
Hendry KR, Ng HC, Hatton J, Cassarino L, Ward J, Pickering RA, Krause J & Woodward EMS

(2021) Exploring Seafloor Nutrient Pools of Dissolved Silicon on the West Antarctic Peninsula
Friberg LM, Hendry KR, Cassarino L, Coath CD & Annett A

(2019) Disentangling Marine Sedimentary Signals in Reactive Silicon Pools Using Stable Isotopes
Pickering RA, Cassarino L, Hendry KR & Krause JW

(2019) Sedimentary Nutrient Supply in Productive Hotspots off the West Antarctic Peninsula Revealed by Silicon Isotopes
Cassarino L, Hendry K, Henley S, MacDonald E, Arndt S, Sales de Freitas F, Pike J & Firing Y

(2019) Benthic Silica Dynamics in the Northern High Latitudes: A Pore Water and Reaction-Transport Model Study
Ward J, Freitas F, Ng HC, Cassarino L, Hendry K, Arndt S & Maerz C

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