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All abstracts by Yves Chérel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Lithium Isotopes in Marine Food Webs
Thibon F, Weppe L, Bustamante P, Oberhänsli F, Metian M, Churlaud C, Montanes M, Lacoue-Labarthe T, Telouk P, Cherel Y & Vigier N

(2021) Mercury Isotopic Characterisation in Antarctic Giant Petrel Organs and HgSe Nanoparticles
Queipo-Abad S, Pedrero Zayas Z, Marchan Moreno C, El Hanafi K, Cherel Y, Bustamante P & Amouroux D

(2020) Novel Application of Lithium and its Isotopes in Marine Ecotoxicology
Thibon F, Weppe L, Bustamante P, Oberhänsli F, Métian M, Churlaud C, Montanes M, Lacoue-Labarthe T, Cherel Y & Vigier N

(2019) Latitudinal Variations of Hg Stable Isotopes in Seabirds Document MeHg Biogeochemitry in the Southern Ocean
Amouroux D, Renedo M, Chérel Y, Pedrero Z & Bustamante P

(2019) Detoxification of Methylmercury in Nanoparticulate HgSe in Tissues of Subantarctic Seabird from XAFS Analysis and STEM-Haadf Imaging
Gaillot A-C, Bustamante P, Cherel Y & Manceau A

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