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All abstracts by Stephen T. Grimes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Role of Volcanism in Catalysing Rapid Global Warming Events of the Early Eocene: Evidence from Mercury Records
Green CE, Dickson AJ, Mather TA, Frieling J, van den Boorn SHJM, van der Ploeg R, Grimes ST, Davies M & Hollis CJ

(2021) The Role of Volcanism in Global-Scale Climate Cooling at the Eocene-Oligocene Transition
Green CE, Dickson A, Mather TA, Grimes ST & van den Boorn SHJM

(2017) Deep Penetration of Meteoric Water in Variscan Ductile Shear Zones
Dusséaux C, Gébelin A, Boulvais P, Dubois M, Gardien V, Grimes S & Mulch A

(2015) Clumped Isotopes in Early Cretaceous Belemnites: Alteration or Vital Effects?
VanDeVelde J, Passey B, Price G & Grimes S

(2011) Mid-Latitude (~50°N) Continental Response to Falling Atmospheric PCO2 during the Eocene-Oligocene Transition
Hren MT, Sheldon ND, Grimes ST, Collinson ME, Hooker JJ, Bugler M & Lohmann K

(2002) Testing Concordance of Oxygen Isotope Palaeotemperatures Obtained from Associated Rodent Tooth Phosphate and Freshwater Carbonate: An Eocene Example from the Hampshire Basin
Mattey D, Grimes S, Hooker J & Collinson M

(2000) Pyritisation of Plant Axes from the London Clay: Pyrite Textures and their Importance to Understanding the Mechanism of Fossilisation
Grimes S, Butler I, Davies K, Brock F, Edwards D & Rickard D

(2000) Framboidal Pyrite: Self Organisation in the Fe-S System
Butler I, Rickard D & Grimes S

(2000) Pyrite Formation in an Anoxic Chemostatic Reaction System
Butler I, Grimes S & Rickard D

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