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All abstracts by Bernard Grobéty in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Insights into the REE Characteristics and Formation Conditions of Southeastern Mediterranean Seep Carbonates
Weidlich R, Bialik OM, Pettke T, Rüggeberg A, Grobéty B, Vennemann T, Makovsky Y & Foubert A

(2020) Bees and Aerosols
Grobety B, Leuenberger V & Neururer C

(2019) Fe Isotope Signatures of Eclogites from the Münchberg Massif, Germany
Pohlner J, El Korh A, Chiaradia M, Klemd R & Grobéty B

(2015) Mineral Lung Dust
Wenzel M, Kuhn B, Grobéty B & Gieré R

(2015) Dust Depostition in Snow from Northeast Antarctica: Mineralogical, Morphological and Chemical Characterization
Vanderstraeten A, Bonneville S, Schoeman V, Flament P, Deboudt K, Grobéty B, De Vleeschouwer F, Le Roux G, Gieré R, Tison J-L & Debaille V

(2014) Characterization of Lung Dust
Wenzel M, Seeholzer F, Kuhn B, Grobéty B & Gieré R

(2013) Long Range Transport of Volcanic Aerosols: The Eyjafjallajökull Plume 2010
Grobety B, Meier M, Botter C, Weber K, Fischer C, Vogel A, Goldenberg E & Gieré R

(2012) Characterization of Re-suspended Ash from the Eyjafjallajökull
Sommer F, Dietze V, Grobety B & Giere R

(2011) Airborne Measurements of Volcanic Particles and Gases with Small Aircrafts – Examples of Measurements in the Eyjafjallajökull Ash Plume over Germany and Iceland
Weber K, Eliasson J, Vogel A, Fischer C, Meier M, Grobety B & Dahmann D

(2011) Automated Characterization of Eyjafjallajökull Ash Cloud Particles
Meier MF, Weber K, Vogel A, Fischer C & Grobéty B

(2011) Non-Isothermal Dehydroxylation Kinetics of Common Sheet-Like Phases and their Informational Value
Trittschack R & Grobéty B

(2010) Passive Sampler Technique Sigma-2 with Automated Microscopic Real Color Image Processing for Particle Measurements in the Size Range from 2.5-80 µm
Dietze V, Kaminski U, Gieré R, Goldenberg E, Stille P, Grobéty B & Neururer C

(2010) Single-Particle Characterization of Saharan Dust Events at an Urban Site in Freiburg, Germany
Goldenberg E, Gieré R, Grobéty B, Dietze V, Stille P, Kaminski U & Neururer C

(2010) Single Particle Analysis of Aerosols from El Chichón and Stromboli
Grobéty B, Meier MF, Fierz M, Botter C & Ricci T

(2010) Single Particle Analysis of Saharan Dust Sampled on Jungfraujoch
Meier MF, Collaud Coen M, Wehrle G & Grobéty B

(2010) Chemical Composition of Apatite Inclusions in Corundum and Spinel Determined by LA-ICP-MS and its Potential for Authentication and Provenance Determinations
Bieri W, Grobéty B, Peretti A, Hametner K & Günther D

(2009) Preliminary Results from a Study of Coarse Airborne Particles >2.5µm in Hanoi, Vietnam
Oehler A, Gieré R, Grobéty B & Dietze V

(2009) Single Particle Analysis of a Saharan Dust Event on Jungfraujoch
Meier MF, Grobéty B, Collaud Coen M & Wehrle G

(2008) Mineralogical and Geochemical Study of PM10 in Strasbourg
Oehler A, Gieré R, Stille P, Grobéty B & Dietze V

(2007) Single Particle Sampling and Analysis
Grobéty B, Vernooij M & Lorenzo R

(2001) Pyroxenes-Pyroxenoids Polysomatism in the Mn-Skarn of Campiglia Marittima (Italy)
Capitani GC, Grobety BH & Mellini M

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