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All abstracts by Louis A Derry in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Role of Nanophases in Critical Zone Dynamics
Gelin M, Cunningham C, Guertin AS, Druhan JL, Chorover J, Derry LA, Tharaud M, Benedetti MF & Bouchez J

(2023) Rapid Secondary Phase Formation and Associated Si Isotope Fractionation during Lab Weathering Experiments of Andesite
Baronas JJ, Bouchez J, Derry LA, Dessert C & Gaillardet J

(2023) Ultra-Trace Determination of Ga/Al in Continental Waters Using Offline Extraction and Quadrupole ICP-MS
Dubois-Dauphin Q, Derry LA & Bürckel P

(2023) Relationship between Chemical Weathering and Physical Erosion in the Critical Zone: The Case Study of La Réunion
Chen C, Gayer E, Derry LA & Gaillardet J

(2023) Coupling of Dissolved Silicon and Carbon in Temperate Wetlands
Court M, Moquet J-S, Simonneau A, Freslon N, Bouchez J, Derry LA, Ratié G, Mazeron J & Humbrecht A

(2023) Examining Diurnal Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Dynamics at the River-Groundwater Interface
Mathews M, Guillon S, Rivière A, Floury P, Gaillardet J & Derry LA

(2023) Disentangling Concentration-Discharge Relationships during a Flood Event Using a Multi-Isotope Approach
López Urzúa S, Mathews M, Hissler C & Derry LA

(2023) Trace Element Partitioning in Siliceous Sinters as a Function of Silica Precipitation Rates in El Tatio Geothermal Field
Bustamante Pérez V, Perez-Fodich A, Munoz-Saez C & Derry LA

(2023) Assessing the Deposition of Atmospheric Mercury in Hawaiian Soils from the Big Island Using Hg Stable Isotopes
Cheng K, Zheng W, Zimmermann L, Derry LA, Slater G, Szponar N & Bergquist BA

(2022) Geochemical and Isotopic Investigation of Diurnal Variations in a River System
Mathews M, Floury P, Gaillardet J & Derry LA

(2022) Silicon – δ30 Si – Discharge Dynamics during a Storm Event in an Agricultural Headwater Catchment
López Urzúa S, Derry LA & Jeanneau L

(2022) CCD, pCO2 and δ13C Constraints on Changes in the Neogene Carbon Cycle
Derry LA

(2021) Refractory Element and Ti Isotope Constraints on Parent Material Variability and Elemental Mobility in the Critical Zone
Derry LA, Grant KE, Deng Z & Moynier F

(2021) Coupling Groundwater Age Tracers (CFCs) and In-Stream Solute Time Series (DSi) to Decipher the Reactivity of Crystalline Watersheds
Marçais J, Dreuzy J-RD, Aquilina L, Guillaumot L, Labasque T, Pinay G & Derry LA

(2019) Modeling Ge/Si Weathering Signatures Using Thermodynamic Data for Synthetic Germanium Minerals
Perez-Fodich A & Derry LA

(2019) Climate Impacts on (In)congruent Silicate Weathering Constrained by Ge/Si Ratios
Derry L, Aguirre A, Chorover J, Hernandez N & Perez-Fodich A

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