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All abstracts by Detlef Guenther in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Detection of Engineered Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in Soils
von der Kammer F, Praetorius A, Grundlach-Graham A, Guenther D & Hofmann T

(2011) In situ Analysis of U-Th Disequilibria in Titanite by fs-LA-MC-ICPMS
Koornneef J, Bourdon B, Fontaine G, Dorta L, Hattendorf B, Guenther D, Ulmer P & Stracke A

(2009) Contaminant Transport in Complex Heterogeneous Geological Media: New Insights Through Micro-Imaging and Micro-Spectroscopy
Grolimund D, Guenther D, Borca CN, Van Loon L, Stampanoni M, Marone F, Barmettler K, Aeschlimann B, Wersin P & Heald SM

(2006) Changes in ocean chemistry across the K/T boundary: A laser-ablation study of a marine Fe/Mn crust
Frank M, Hattendorf B, Guenther D & Hein JR

(2005) Characterization of Laser-Induced Aerosol for Quantitative Analysis of Solids Using LA-ICP-MS
Guenther D, Kuhn H & Guillong M

(2004) Arctic Ocean Water Mass Distribution and Mixing from Dissolved 10Be and 9Be
Frank M, Porcelli D, Andersson P, Halliday A, Kubik P, Hattendorf B & Guenther D

(2002) PTX Properties of a Natural Au-Bearing Hydrothermal Fluid from a Multidisciplinary Study of Fluid Inclusions (Sigma Deposit – Canada)
Garofalo PS, Heinrich CA, G¸nther D & Pettke T

(2002) The Determination of Diffusion Profiles in Small Samples: A Comparison of Micro-Beam Techniques
Reid J, Horn I & Guenther D

(2002) Micro-Scale Pb Distribution and Oxidation in a Shooting Range Soil
Vantelon D, Lanzirotti A, Aeschlimann B, Guenther D, Scheinost A & Kretzschmar R

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