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All abstracts by Abel Guihou in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Characterisation and Interlaboratory Comparison of a New Calcite Reference Material for U-Pb Geochronology – The “AUG-B6” Calcite-Cemented Hydraulic Breccia
Blaise T, Augier R, Bosch D, Bruguier O, Cogné N, Deschamps P, Guihou A, Haurine F, Hoareau G & Nouet J

(2023) The Modern Mediterranean Sea Neodymium Isotopic Budget: Insight from Core-Top Sediments and box Model Calculations
Tachikawa K, Beny F, Cornuault M, Guihou A, Deschamps P, Schulz H, Sierro FJ & Boye M

(2023) Calcite – Hematite Dating, Stable and Clumped Isotopes Record the History of Fault Activity, Exhumation and Climate in the Internal Alps (Penninic Frontal Thrust and Briançonnais Zone)
Rolland Y, Bilau A, Schwartz S, Gautheron CE, Brigaud B, Mangenot X, Godeau N, Guihou A, Deschamps P, Pinna-Jamme R, Noret A, Bienveignant D & Dumont T

(2023) New Time Constraints on Alpine Brittle Structures: Coexistence of Compressive and Transtensive Deformation Since the Miocene
Bilau A, Bienveignant D, Boschetti L, Rolland Y, Schwartz S, Godeau N, Guihou A, Deschamps P, Gautheron CE, Pinna-Jamme R, Brigaud B, Mangenot X & Dumont T

(2021) Indian-Atlantic Subsurface- and Deep-Water Mass Exchange over the Past 600 kyrs
Perez-Asensio JN, Tachikawa K, Vidal L, de Garidel-Thoron T, Sonzogni C, Guihou A, Deschamps P, Jorry S & Chen M-T

(2021) X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Evidence of Sulfur-Bound Cadmium in the Cd-Hyperaccumulator Solanum Nigrum and the Non-Accumulator Solanum Melongena
Pons M-L, Collin B, Doelsch E, Chaurand P, Fehlauer T, Levard C, Keller C, Guihou A, Deschamps P & Rose J

(2021) U-Pb and Th-Pb Dating of Diagenetic/Hydrothermal Phases in the Pre-Salt Series, Angola Offshore: Implication for the Paleo-Thermal History during South Atlantic Rifting
Godeau N, Girard J-P, Guihou A, Hamelin B & Deschamps P

(2020) Exploring the Link between Cd Isotopes and Speciation in Plants: A Case Study in Solanum Species
Pons M-L, Collin B, Chaurand P, Fehlauer T, Guihou A, Doelsch E, Levard C & Rose J

(2017) Single Column Extraction of Ge and Si from Natural Samples Allows Reliable Ge Analysis by ICP-MS
Delvigne C, Angeletti B, Guihou A, Basile-Doelsch I & Meunier J-D

(2017) U-Th Isochron Dating of Pedogenic Impure Carbonates: A First Attempt of Heavy Liquor Separation
Dietrich F, Deschamps P, Guihou A, Diaz N, Sebag D & Verrecchia EP

(2016) U/Pb Dating of Carbonates: A Novel Approach for Rapid Identification of Appropriate Samples
Godeau N, Deschamps P, Guihou A, Angeletti B, Hamelin B, Girard J-P & Teinturier S

(2016) Circulation Changes in Eastern Mediterranean Sea over the Past 23, 000 Years Inferred from Nd Isotopic Ratios
Cornuaul M, Tachikawa K, Vidal L, Guihou A, Deschamps P & Revel M

(2012) Scavenging of 230Th and 231Pa at the Bermuda Rise
Guihou A, Cochran JK & Black D

(2009) Opposite Export of North Atlantic Deep and Intermediate Waters during the Last Glacial Inception
Guihou A, Pichat S, Nave S, Govin A, Michel E, Waelbroeck C & Labeyrie L

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