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All abstracts by Damien Guillaume in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Rock Alteration in Cold Climate: Implications from Geochemical Analysis of River and Soil Samples from the Kerguelen Archipelago
Chabaux F, van der Woerd J, Perrone T, Pelt E, Aubert A, Boutin R, Fourtet C, Jeanneau L, Schmitt A-D, de Saint Blanquat M & Guillaume D

(2017) Zinc Isotope Fractionation in Upper Mantle: New Insights from Ultra-Refractory Mantle Xenoliths in an Oceanic Intraplate Setting
Beunon H, Mattielli N, Doucet L-S, Moine B, Guillaume D, Debaille V, Wasilewski B, Grégoire M, Delacour A, Cottin J-Y & Delpech G

(2017) Low Temperature Alteration of Monazite Phenocrysts in Pegmatite: A General Feature
Bingen B, Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Corfu F, Whitehouse MJ, Bosse V, Müller A & Guillaume D

(2017) Influence of Fluid-Rock Interactions on The Iron Isotope Composition of The Oceanic Lithosphere
Dessimoulie L, Delacour A, Marin-Carbonne J, Gannoun A-M, Chevet J & Guillaume D

(2016) TEM/STEM Nanoscale Imaging of Zircon and Monazite Sharpens Geochronological Interpretations
Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Laurent A, Grand'homme A, Bingen B, Janots E, Bosse V, Duchene S & Guillaume D

(2015) Multidisciplinary Study of a Recent Oceanic Pluton: The Syenitic Complex of Rallier du Baty, Kerguelen(TAAF)
Ponthus L, Guillaume D, SaintBlanquat M, Benoit M, Pearson N, Gregoire M, O'Reilly S & LeRomancer M

(2015) Sulfur Radical Species Form Gold Deposits on Earth
Pokrovski G, Kokh M, Guillaume D, Borisova A, Gisquet P, Jean-Louis H, Lahera E, Del Net W, Proux O, Testemale D, Haigis V, Jonchière R, Seitsonen A, Ferlat G, Vuilleumier R, Saitta M, Boiron M-C & Dubessy J

(2015) Experimental Pb Incorporation during Hydrothermal Monazite Replacement in Alkali Conditions
Grand'Homme A, Janots E, Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Guillaume D, Magnin V, Hövelmann J, Höschen C & Bosse V

(2015) The Effect of CO2 on Metal Transport and Fractionation by Geological Fluids
Kokh M, Pokrovski G, Akinfiev N, Guillaume D & Salvi S

(2013) The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Metal Transport by Geological Fluids
Kokh M, Pokrovski G, Guillaume D & Salvi S

(2013) Fluid-Mediated Re-equilibration and Self-Irradiation in Complex U-Th-Rich Assemblages of Pegmatites: A Case from Norway and Implications for U-Th-Pb Dating of Ore Deposits
Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Bingen B, Duran C, Bosse V, Paquette J-L, Guillaume D, de Parseval P & Ingrin J

(2009) Redox Reactions Induced by Hydrogen in Nuclear Waste Repository: An Experimental Study
Truche L, Berger G, Destrigneville C, Guillaume D & Giffaut E

(2007) Femtosecond Laser Ablation ICP-MS of Fluid Inclusions: Validation and Prospects
Courtieu C, Guillaume D, Salvi S & Freydier R

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