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All abstracts by Ingvi Gunnarsson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) A New Kinetic Rate Equation for Silica Polymerization in Geologically-Relevant Aqueous Solutions
Scott S, Galeczka I, Gunnarsson I, Arnórsson S & Stefánsson A

(2020) Elemental Mobility Following CO2-H2S Injection into Basaltic Rocks at the CarbFix2 Site, Iceland
Clark D, Galeczka I, Oelkers E, Sigfússon B, Gunnarsson I, Snæbjörnsdóttir S, Aradóttir E & Gislason S

(2019) Chemistry and Mineralisation of CO2-H2S Fluids Injected into Basaltic Rocks at the CarbFix2 Site, Iceland
Clark DE, Gunnarsson I, Oelkers EH, Sigfússon B, Snæbjörnsdóttir SÓ, Aradóttir ES & Gíslason SR

(2017) Towards Green, Widely Applicable, and Low-Cost Geothermal Energy
Marieni C, Přikryl J, Aradóttir ES, Gunnarsson I & Stefánsson A

(2016) Mineral Storage of Gas Mixtures in Basalt
Gislason S, Gunnarsson I, Juliusson B, Clark D, Snæbjörnsdottir S, Aradottir E, Gunnlaugsson E, Sigfusson B, Stute M, Matter J, Broecker W, Arnarsson M, Dideriksen K, Olssen J & Oelkers E

(2016) Silica Scaling Depending on SiO2 Speciation in Geothermal Waters
van den Heuvel DB, Gunnlaugsson E, Gunnarsson I, Stawski TM, Peacock CL & Benning LG

(2015) Rapid Mineralisation of CO2 and CO2-H2S-H2-Gas Mixture at the CarbFix Site in SW-Iceland
Snæbjörnsdóttir SÓ, Mesfin K, Gunnarsson I, Aradóttir ES, Stute M, Matter JM, Oelkers EH, Dideriksen K, Stipp S & Gislason SR

(2015) The CarbFix-SulFix project: Mineral Storage of CO2/H2S Gas Mixtures in Basaltic Rocks
Clark DE, Gunnarsson I, Aradottir ES, Gunnlaugsson E, Juliusson BM, Matter JM, Stute M, Oelkers EH, Snaebjornsdottir SO & Gislason SR

(2015) Silica Monitoring at the Hellisheidi Power Plant for the Mitigation of Amorphous Silica Scaling
Berro-Jiménez FL, Lelli M, Ilaria M, Gunnarsson I & Marini L

(2013) Tracer Applications to Verify Carbon Mineralization in Icelandic Basalts
Stute M, Hall J, Matter J, Mesfin K, Gislason S, Sigfusson B, Gunnlaugsson E, Gunnarsson I, Aradottir E, Sigurdardottir H, Axelson G & Broecker W

(2013) Solubility and Mineral Storage of CO2 in Basalt
Gislason S, Oelkers E, Sigfusson B, Matter J, Stute M, Gunnlaugsson E, Gunnarssson I, Aradottir E, Sigurdardottir H, Mesfin K, Alfredsson H, Wolff-Boenisch D, Arnarsson M & Broecker W

(2013) Chromium Chemistry in Natural Waters, Iceland
Kaasalainen H, Stefánsson A, Gunnarsson I & Arnórsson S

(2010) H2S and CO2 Sequestration in Geothermal Systems
Stefansson A, Arnorsson S, Gunnarsson I, Gysi A, Kaasalainen H & Gunnlaugsson E

(2007) Sulfur Speciation and Metal Transport in Surface Geothermal Waters
Markusson SH, Stefansson A & Gunnarsson I

(2007) Silica Polymerization. Rate Constants at 23° to 80℃ as a Function of pH
Gunnarsson I & Arnorsson S

(2007) The Hydrolysis and Cloro Complexation of iron(III) in Hydrothermal Solutions
Stefansson A, Seward T & Gunnarsson I

(2004) Experimental Study of Silica Polymerization
Gunnarsson I & Arnórsson S

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