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All abstracts by Benjamin J. W. Mills in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Controls on the Termination of OAE2 in the Tarfaya Basin, Morocco
Krewer C, Poulton SW, März C, Newton RJ, Mills BJW & Wagner T

(2023) Incorporating Plant Evolution into a Deep Time Dynamic Vegetation Model and Exploring the Rise of O2 and Fall of CO2 over the Paleozoic
Gurung K, Mills BJW & Field K

(2023) Redox and Biotic Response to the Early Silurian Ireviken Event, Welsh Basin, UK
Wang Y, Wignall PB, David LK, Mills BJW & Poulton SW

(2023) The History of Atmospheric Oxygen: Towards an Understanding of Oxygen-Vegetation Feedbacks
Vitali R, Belcher CM, Mills BJW & Watson AJ

(2023) Ocean Redox and Nutrient Cycling in the ~1.64 Ga Chuanlinggou Formation, North China Craton
He C, Mills BJW, Bowyer F, Yang X, Song Y & Poulton SW

(2023) Environmental Stabilisation and Biological Diversification in the Aftermath of the Sturtian Snowball Glaciation
Bowyer F, Krause AJ, Song Y, Huang K-J, Fu Y, Shen B, Li J, Zhu X, Kipp MA, van Maldegem LM, Brocks JJ, Shields GA, Le Hir G, Mills BJW & Poulton SW

(2022) Tracking the Spatial Extent of Ocean Redox Variability in the Mesoproterozoic Ocean
Song Y, Mills BJW, Bowyer F, Andersen MB, Ossa Ossa F, Harvey J, Zhang S, Canfield DE, Shields GA & Poulton SW

(2022) Exploring the Influence of Plants on Phanerozoic Climate Using a Deep Time Dynamic Vegetation Model
Gurung K, Mills BJW & Field K

(2022) Early Triassic Hothouse Climate Sustained by Vegetation Collapse
Xu Z, Yu J, Merdith A, Yin H, Hilton J, Dunhill A, Wignall PB, Wang Y, Shen J, Zhang Y, Poulton SW & Mills BJW

(2022) Nutrient Feedbacks on Interglacial Oxygenation during the Great Oxidation Episode
Alcott LJ, Mills BJW, Poulton SW & Bekker A

(2022) Simulating Neoproterozoic Climate and Redox Evolution from First Principles Using a Climate-Chemical Model
Mills BJW, Merdith A, Le Hir G, Donnadieu Y & Goddéris Y

(2022) Driving Mechanisms of Phanerozoic Climate
Merdith A, Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y & Mills BJW

(2022) Orbitally-Driven Nutrient Pulses Linked to Cambrian Oxygenation and Animal Radiations
Zhang Y, Mills BJW, Newton RJ, He T, Yang T & Zhu M

(2022) Iron & Manganese Catalysis of Reactive Organic Carbon Molecules into Stable Forms within Marine Sediments
Moore OW, Curti L, Woulds C, Bradley JA, Mills BJW, Homoky WB, Xiao K-Q, Babakhani P, Fisher BJ & Peacock CL

(2022) Dynamic, Redox-Promoted P Cycling during the Termination of OAE2
Krewer C, Poulton SW, Maerz C, Newton RJ, Mills BJW & Wagner T

(2022) The Toarcian Sulfur Cycle: Recent Progress
Newton RJ, He T, Han Z, Chen W, Hu X, Kemp DB & Mills BJW

(2021) Evolution of the Phosphorus Cycle: Sources, Sinks, and Recycling Pathways
Walton CR, Mills BJW, Williams HM & Shorttle O

(2021) Reconstructing the Late Ediacaran Sulfur Cycle Using New Data from South China
Tian Z, Zhou Y, Mills BJW, Zhu M, Lu M, Li C, Shi W & Shields GA

(2021) The Rise of Phosphorus Recycling Facilitated Earth’s Great Oxidation
Alcott LJ, Mills BJW, Bekker A & Poulton SW

(2021) A Simplified Global Vegetation Model for Deep Time
Gurung K, Mills BJW, Batterman S, Goddéris Y, Donnadieu Y, Porada P & Field K

(2021) Modelling Weathering, Climate and Biogeochemistry over Phanerozoic Time
Mills BJW, Donnadieu Y & Goddéris Y

(2021) A Novel Marine Phosphorus Record from Lower Jurassic Belemnites
Roper AC, Ullmann C, Little CTS, Poulton SW, Wignall PB, He T, Mills BJW & Newton RJ

(2021) Co-evolution of Ocean Redox, Nutrient Cycling and Atmospheric O2 during the Mid-Mesoproterozoic
Song Y, Bowyer FT, Mills BJW, Zhang S, Canfield D, Alcott LJ, Shields GA & Poulton SW

(2019) Sulfate Imbalance, Climate Change and Mass Extinctions
Shields G & Mills B

(2019) Stepwise Increases in Earth Oxygenation are an Inherent Property of Global Biogeochemical Cycling
Alcott L, Mills B & Poulton S

(2019) How Warm was Climate over the Phanerozoic and Why?
Mills B, Krause A, Scotese C, Hill D, Shields G & Lenton T

(2019) Deep Carbon in CAMP and the T-J Mass Extinction: New Perspectives on LIPs Through Melt Inclusions
Capriolo M, Marzoli A, Aradi LE, Callegaro S, Dal Corso J, Bartoli O, Newton RJ, Wignall PB, Mills BJW, Baker DR, Youbi N, Spiess R & Szabó C

(2019) Reconstructing Atmospheric Oxygen Concentrations during the Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic
Krause A, Mills B, Lenton T & Poulton S

(2019) Evaluating the Source of the Mercury Spike at the p-T Boundary
Dal Corso J, Chu D, Mills BJW, Newton RJ, Tong J, Mather TA, Shu W, Wu Y & Wignall PB

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