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All abstracts by Jon Petter Gustafsson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Fate of Cadmium in Soils Subject to Application of Biogas Digestate and Biofuel Ash – Mass Balance Modelling
Gustafsson JP, Affholder M-C & Dahlin AS

(2021) The Significance of Phosphorus ‘Hot Spots’ and Micron-Sized Grains in Quaternary Forest Soils
Adediran GA, Kielman-Schmitt M, Kooijman E & Gustafsson JP

(2021) Phosphorus Pools in Boreal Forest Podzols: Quantitative and Micro-Spectroscopic Analysis
Tuyishime M, Adediran GA, Olsson B, Spohn M, Klysubun W, Vantelon D & Gustafsson JP

(2021) Using X-Ray Spectroscopic Results to Constrain Surface Complexation Models: Ferrihydrite
Gustafsson JP, Sjöstedt C & Tiberg C

(2021) A ZnHAsO4 Phase Controls As(V) and Zn(II) Solubility in a Multi-Contaminated Soil- a Study Combining µ-XRF, µ-EXAFS and Geochemical Equilibrium Modeling
Sjöstedt C, Kristofferson Å, Gustafsson JP, Heldele A-S, Kessler V & Berggren Kleja D

(2018) Copper Sequestration in Mofettes – How Geogenic Carbon Dioxide Affects Binding to Organic Matter and Mineral Precipitation
Mehlhorn J, Besold J, Lezama Pacheco J, Gustafsson JP, Kretzschmar R & Planer-Friedrich B

(2017) Mobilization of Particulate, Colloidal and Dissolved Pb and Fe in Contaminated Soils – Effect of Metal Speciation and Soil Type
Löv Å, Larsbo M, Cornelis G, Sjöstedt C, Persson I, Gustafsson J-P & Berggren Kleja D

(2017) Monothioarsenate Transformation Kinetics Determines Arsenic Mobility in Sulfidic and Organic-Rich Systems
Besold J, Biswas A, Suess E, Scheinost A, Rossberg A, Mikutta C, Kretzschmar R, Gustafsson JP & Planer-Friedrich B

(2017) Phosphorus K-Edge XANES Analysis of Environmental Samples: Critical Steps and Limitations
Gustafsson JP, Eriksson AK, Klysubun W & Hesterberg D

(2017) Assessing the Ability of Soil Tests to Estimate Labile Phosphorus in Agricultural Soils: Evidence from Isotopic Exchange
Braun S, Warrinnier R, Börjesson G, Ulén B, Smolders E & Gustafsson JP

(2017) Phosphorus Speciation in a Long-Term Manure-Amended Soil Profile – Evidence from Wet Chemical Extraction, 31P-NMR and P K-Edge XANES Spectroscopy
Schmieder F, Gustafsson J-P, Kirchmann H, Zehetner F, Riddle M & Bergström L

(2015) Stabilization of Copper and Arsenic in Contaminated Soils Using Zero-Valent Iron – Evaluation of Long-Term Effects
Tiberg C, Gustafsson JP, Kumpiene J, Mench M & Berggren Kleja D

(2015) Molybdenum Sorption in Forest Soils – Mechanisms and Modelling
Gustafsson JP & Tiberg C

(2013) Chromium(III) and Bismuth(III) Complexation to Organic Matter: EXAFS Spectroscopy and Equilibrium Modelling
Gustafsson JP, Geranmayeh Odomieh A, Sjöstedt C, Persson I & Berggren Kleja D

(2013) The Association between Iron and Carbon in Freshwater Colloids
Baken S, Gustafsson JP & Smolders E

(2013) Estimating the Role of Competing Ions on the Arsenic Mobilization Processes in the Aquifers of Bengal Basin by Surface Complexation Modeling
Biswas A, Gustafsson JP, Neidhardt H, Halder D, Kundu AK, Chatterjee D, Berner Z & Bhattacharya P

(2013) Vanadium Leaching from Converter Lime and Speciation in Soil: A Long-Term Field Study
Larsson MA, D'Amato M, Cubadda F, Raggi A, Öborn I & Gustafsson JP

(2012) Vanadate Complexation to Ferrihydrite: X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy and CD-MUSIC Modeling
Larsson M, Gustafsson JP, Sjoestedt C & Persson I

(2012) Phosphate Effects on Copper and Lead Sorption to Ferrihydrite
Tiberg C, Gustafsson JP, Sjoestedt C & Persson I

(2011) Lead(II) Sorption to Soil Materials – Binding Heterogeneity and Influence of Phosphate
Gustafsson JP, Tiberg C, Edkymish A & Kleja DB

(2010) Iron Phases in Soils and Softwater Lakes as Determined by EXAFS Spectroscopy
Sjöstedt C, Gustafsson JP, Persson I, Berggren Kleja D, Hassellöv M & Borg H

(2009) Acid-Base and Copper Binding Properties of Three Organic Matter Fractions Isolated from a Soil Solution
Kleja DB, van Schaik J & Gustafsson JP

(2007) Mechanisms of iron(III) Binding to Organic Matter and its Competitive Effect on Trace Metals
Gustafsson JP, van Schaik JWJ, Berggren Kleja D & Persson I

(2007) Sensitivity Analysis for a Multisurface Geochemical Modelling Approach
Diaz M, Apul D, Gustafsson J & Hundal L

(2004) Salt Effects on Proton and Cadmium Binding to Natural Organic Matter
Gustafsson J & Berggren D

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