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All abstracts by François Guyot in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) In situ Monitoring of Exopolymer-Dependent Mn Mineralization on Bacterial Surfaces
Couasnon T, Alloyeau D, Ménez B, Guyot F, Ghigo J-M, Benning LG & Gélabert A

(2019) A Carbonaceous Chondrite and Cometary Origin for Icy Moons of Jupiter and Saturn
Néri A, Guyot F, Reynard B & Sotin C

(2019) Modelling of Early Diagenesis of Lacustrine Carbonates Associated with Mg-Silicates
Milesi V, Debure M, Marty N, Capano M, Jezequel D, Steefel C, Rouchon V, Albéric P, Bard E, Guyot F, Virgone A, Gaucher E & Ader M

(2019) Rapid Pyrite Biomineralization and Phosphate Release by Hyperthermophilic Archaea
Guyot F & Gorlas A

(2019) Biomineralization of Electroactive Mn-Oxides by the Mn(II) Oxidizer Pseudomonas putida Starin MnB1
Galezowski L, Miot J, Recham N, Skouri-Panet F, Larcher D & Guyot F

(2019) Iron Isotope Fractionation by Magnetotactic Bacteria
Mathon F, Lefèvre CT, Menguy N, Guyot F, Amor M & Busigny V

(2017) Microorganisms are Major Drivers of the P Geochemical Cycle in Lake Pavin (Massif Central, France)
Duprat E, Benzerara K, Lefèvre C, Monteil C, Jézéquel D, Menguy N, Viollier E, Guyot F, Férard C, Miot J, Poinsot M, Rivas-Lamelo S, Skouri-Panet F & Trcera N

(2017) Natural H2 Associated to N2 and He in Intra-Cratonic Environments
Guélard J, Beaumont V, Rouchon V, Sissmann O, Guyot F, Newell DK & Deville E

(2017) Abiotic Hydrocarbon Production: The Role of Mineral Catalysts
Kularatne K, Martinez I, Sissmann O, Chardin M, Carlut J & Guyot F

(2017) Formation of Mg-Aluminosilicates during Early Diagenesis of Carbonate Sediments in the Volcanic Crater Lake of Dziani (Mayotte – Indian Ocean)
Milesi V, Jezequel D, Guyot F, Debure M, Marty N, Claret F, Virgone A, Gaucher E & Ader M

(2017) Experimental Fossilization of Archaea Encrusted by Fe-Phosphates
Bernard S, Miot J, Lombard C, Guyot F & Kish A

(2017) Interaction between Carbon- and H-Bearing Iron Phases in the Deep Earh
Boulard E, Guyot F, Menguy N, Corgne A, Auzende A-L, Perrillat J-P & Fiquet G

(2017) Effects of Microstructural Changes Associated with Silicate Dissolution on (Bio)weathering Rates
Wild B, Daval D, Guyot F, Fernandez-Martinez A, Remusat L, Bernard S, Rébiscoul D, Micha J-S, Narteau C, Rozier O & Imfeld G

(2017) Advanced InfraRed and Raman Spectroscopy on Ca-Phosphates and Mg-Carbonates for Surface Exploration of Mars
Fau A, Beyssac O, Gauthier M, Bernard S, Benzerara K, Meslin P-Y, Drouet C, Maurice S, Guyot F & Balan E

(2017) A Novel Approach to Quantify Factors Controlling Silicate Weathering Rates from the Laboratory to the Field
Wild B, Imfeld G, Beaulieu E, Guyot F & Daval D

(2017) Occurrences and Stability of Pb Precipitates in Bacterial Biofilms
Couasnon T, Gélabert A, Ona-Nguema G, Ménez B, Zanna S & Guyot F

(2017) Pyrite and Greigite Nanocrystals Produced by Hyperthermophilic Archaea
Guyot F, Gorlas A & Jacquemot P

(2017) Magnetite Biomineralization in Magnetotactic Bacteria: Insights from Iron Isotopes and Iron Biochemistry
Amor M, Busigny V, Guyot F & Komeili A

(2016) Catalytic Potential of Natural Minerals Towards Fischer-Tropsch Type (FTT) Synthesis of Hydrocarbons
Kularatne K, Sissmann O, Martinez I, Chardin M, Carlut J & Guyot F

(2016) Speciation and Solubility of Fe(III) in Crustal Fluids
Testemale D, Sanchez-Valle C, Goujon C, Pokrovski GS & Guyot F

(2016) Prebiotic Chemistry at an Oxide/Water Interface
Laporte S, Pietrucci F, Guyot F & Saitta AM

(2016) Highly CO2-supersaturated Melts in the Carpathian-Pannonian Lithosphere
Creon L, Rouchon V, Delpech G, Szabo C, Asimow PD, Antoschechkina PM, Ghiorso MS & Guyot F

(2016) Silician Magnetite from the Archean/Paleoproterozoic Transition from the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia: Characterization and Bio-Environmental Implications
Carlut J, Isambert A, Bouquerel H, Guyot F, Phillipot P, Pecoits E, Vennin E, Ader M, Thomazo C & Buoncristiani J-F

(2015) Fate of Silver Nanoparticles at the Bacterial Biofilm/Mineral/Water Interface
Gelabert A, Levard C, Ona-Nguema G, Desmau M, Auffan M, Rose J, Labille J, Sivry Y, Eng P, Guyot F & Benedetti MF

(2015) Generation of Condensed Carbon from Serpentinization Fluids
Milesi V, Guyot F, Brunet F, Richard L, Prinzhofer A, Benedetti M & McCollom T

(2015) New Experimental Insights on Hydrogen/Hydrocarbon Generation and Simultaneous Carbonation of Olivine (Mg, Fe)2SiO4
Kularatne K, Sissmann O, Martinez I, Chardin M, Noirez S, Vermesse H, Bouboune I, Labaume J, Lopes De Azavedo J, Lutz F, Hayrault P, Kohler E, Cordier L, Carlut J & Guyot F

(2015) Out of Equilibrium δ18O and Variable δ13C as a Tracer of Metabolism in Bacterially Mediated Carbonates
Thaler C, Ader M, Guyot F, Aloisi G & Ménez B

(2015) Melting Criterion in Laser Heated Diamond Anvil Cell Experiments: Combined in situ and ex situ Methods
Morard G, Andrault D, Antonangeli D, Amichi L, Siebert J, Guyot F, Auzende A-L, Lord O, Bouchet J, Harmand M, Cochain B, Garbarino G, Kantor I, Torchio R, Boulard E & Mezouar M

(2015) Ab Initio Prebiotic Chemistry: Miller-Like Experiments and Beyond
Saitta AM, Saija F, Pietrucci F, Laporte S, Finocchi F & Guyot F

(2015) Mantle CO2 Fluxes to the Pannonian Lithosphere Inferred from Mantle Xenolith Investigation
Creon L, Delpech G, Rouchon V, Szabo C, Asimow PD, Antoshechkina PM, Ghiorso MS & Guyot F

(2015) Fluids, Melts and Minerals in Pannonian Peridotites – Quantitative Petrography Using Synchrotron X-Ray Microtomography
Creon L, Rouchon V, Rosenberg E, Youssef S, Guyot F, Szabo C, Tafforeau P & Boller E

(2015) Bioalteration of Fe(III), Fe(II) and no Fe-Bearing Basaltic Glasses in the Presence of Heterotrophic Bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Impact of Siderophores
Perez A, Rossano S, Trcera N, Huguenot D, Verney-Carron A, Van Hullebusch E & Guyot F

(2015) Origin and Fate of Natural H2 Occurrences in a Saline Sedimentary Aquifer
Guelard J, Beaumont V, Guyot F, Deville E & Newell D

(2015) H2 Producing Water-Rock Interactions: Comparing the Geological Environments
Beaumont V, Guelard J, Deville E & Guyot F

(2015) Partitioning of Trace and Minor Elements between Magnetite and Aqueous Fluids. Experiments and Modeling
Guyot F, Amor M, Busigny V, Ona-Nguema G, Gelabert A, Corvisier J, Tharaud M, Menguy N & Benedetti M

(2015) Microstructural Modifications of Dissolving Silicate Minerals: Why Should We Bother?
Daval D, Pollet-Villard M, Ackerer P, Fritz B, Rémusat L, Guyot F, Bernard S, Saldi G & Knauss K

(2015) Chemical Purity of Magnetite Produced by Magnetotactic Bacteria
Amor M, Busigny V, Durand-Dubief M, Tharaud M, Ona-Nguema G, Gélabert A, Alphandéry E, Menguy N, Benedetti M, Chebbi I & Guyot F

(2014) Out of Equilibrium δ18O CaCO3 in Microbial Carbonates: A Subsurface Biomioneralization Tracer?
Thaler C, Ader M, Ménez B & Guyot F

(2014) Nanostructured Magnetic Matrix for the Study of Intracellular Mechanisms of Biomineralization
Blondeau M, Guyot F, Brayner R & Coradin T

(2013) Unconventional Generation of Hydrocarbons in Petroleum Basin: The Role of Siderite/Water Interface
Milesi V, Prinzhofer A, Guyot F, Brunet F, Richard L, Dairou J & Benedetti M

(2013) The Ultra-High Pressure Phase Diagrams of SiO2 and MgSiO3
Guyot F, Benuzzi Mounaix A, Mazevet S & Tsuchiya T

(2013) CO2: Waste or Resource ? The Role of Mineral/Water Interfaces
Guyot F

(2013) Establishing a Biomarker from Trace Element Incorporation Patterns in Abiotic and Biotic Magnetite
Amor M, Busigny V, Gélabert A, Ona-Nguema G, Tharaud M, Alphandéry E, Durand-Dubief M, Chebbi I & Guyot F

(2013) Discovery of a "Vital" Bacterial Effect in the Formation of Biogenic Carbonates
Thaler C, Ader M, Ménez B & Guyot F

(2013) Textural Control over Electron Transfer and Reaction with Li<sup>+</sup> of Biomineralized Fe-Oxides
Miot J, Recham N, Larcher D, Guyot F & Tarascon J-M

(2012) Feedback Effects of Clay Minerals Formation on the Kinetics and Mechanisms of Olivine Carbonation within Tholeiitic Basalt
Sissmann O, Daval D, Martinez I, Brunet F, Verlaguet A, Pinquier Y & Guyot F

(2011) Effects of Organic Ligands and Temperature on the Kinetics and Mechanisms of Olivine Carbonation
Sissmann O, Daval D, Martinez I, Brunet F, Findling N & Guyot F

(2011) Carbon Isotope Fractionation Associated with CaCO3 Precipitation Induced by Ureolysis
Millo C, Dupraz S, Ader M, Guyot F, Thaler C & Ménez B

(2011) Experimental Investigation of the Stability of Fe-Rich Carbonates in the Lower Mantle
Boulard E, Menguy N, Auzende A-L, Benzerara K, Bureau H, Antonangeli D, Corgne A, Morard G, Siebert J, Perrillat J-P, Guyot F & Fiquet G

(2011) Unraveling Microbes-Minerals Interactions in the Deep Biosphere
Ménez B, Gérard E, Brunelli D, Pasini V, Le Campion P, Dupraz S, Marinozzi M-C, Amor M & Guyot F

(2010) Study at the Nanoscale of Iron Biomineralization on Organic Fibres by a Phototrophic Iron-Oxidizing Bacterium
Benzerara K, Miot J, Obst M, Kappler A, Hegler F, Guyot F & Morin G

(2009) Dissolution Kinetics of Diopside as a Function of the Gibbs Free Energy of Reaction
Hellmann R, Daval D, Tisserand D, Martinez I, Corvisier J & Guyot F

(2009) Arsenite Sequestration by Fe(II)-Containing Minerals after Microbial Dissimilatory Reduction of Arsenic-Sorbed Lepidocrocite
Ona-Nguema G, Morin G, Wang Y, Juillot F, Abdelmoula M, Ruby C, Guyot F, Calas G & Brown GE

(2009) Investigating the Dissolution Behaviour of Fayalite (Fe2SiO4) by in situ X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Guyot F, Daval D, Testemale D & Martinez I

(2009) Iron Biomineralization by Neutrophilic Nitrate-Reducing Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria
Miot J, Benzerara K, Morin G, Kappler A, Obst M, Brown, Jr. GE & Guyot F

(2009) How do Silica Coatings Affect Mineral Weathering Rates?
Daval D, Martinez I, Sissmann O, Hellmann R, Goffé B & Guyot F

(2008) Investigating the Dissolution Behavior of Serpentine
Hellmann R, Daval D, Tisserand D, Martinez I & Guyot F

(2008) Combining Experimental Studies and Kinetic Modelling to Investigate the Carbonation of Ca-Bearing Silicates
Daval D, Martinez I, Corvisier J, Findling N, Goffé B & Guyot F

(2008) Experimental Study of Biomineralization Processes Relevant to CO2 Geological Sequestration
Dupraz S, Parmentier M, Ménez B & Guyot F

(2007) A Bacterial Model for Studying Interactions between Microorganisms and CO2 Injected in the Subsurface
Dupraz S, Parmentier M, Menez B, Gouze P, Leprovost R & Guyot F

(2007) As(V)-bearing Lepidocrocite and Green Rust Reduction by Shewanella putrefaciens: Evidence for Fe(II) Carbonate Hydroxide Formation
Ona-Nguema G, Morin G, Wang Y, Juillot F, Guyot F, Calas G & Brown, Jr GE

(2007) Carbonation of Ca- and Mg-Rich Silicates: Experimental Investigations and Kinetic Modeling
Daval D, Martinez I, Goffé B & Guyot F

(2007) Mechanisms of Arsenic Scavenging by Iron (Hydr)oxides in Anoxic Environments
Wang Y, Morin G, Ona-Nguema G, Menguy N, Guyot F, Hazemann J-L, Calas G & Brown Jr. GE

(2007) Study at the Nanoscale of the Alteration of Submarine Basaltic Glass from the Ontong Java Plateau
Miot J, Benzerara K, Banerjee NR, Menguy N, Tyliszczak T, Brown, Jr. GE & Guyot F

(2007) Dissolution of Magnetite in Hydrothermal Solutions: Kinetics and Speciation by in situ X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Guyot F, Daval D, Dufaud F, Testemale D & Martinez I

(2007) Potassium Content in the Earth's Core: A High-Pressure and High Temperature Study of the Fe-K System
Fiquet G, Coltice N, Guyot F & Gillet P

(2006) Thermochemical State of the Lower Mantle: New Insights from Mineral Physics
Badro J, Fiquet G & Guyot F

(2006) Effect of Light Elements on the Sound Velocities in Solid Iron: Implications for the Composition of Earth’s Core
Badro J, Fiquet G & Guyot F

(2006) Siderite Solubility in High Pressure- High Temperature H2O-CO2 Fluids: Implications for Geological Storage of CO2.
Testemale D, Dufaud F, Martinez I, Hazemann J-L & Guyot F

(2005) Nanoscale Environments Associated with Bioweathering of a Mg-Fe-Pyroxene
Benzerara K, Yoon T, Menguy N, Guyot F, Tyliszczak T & Brown Jr. GE

(2004) Zn Isotopes Fractionation Upon Sorption and Precipitation
Cacaly S, Marechal C, Juillot F, Guyot F & Benedetti M

(2004) Biologically Induced Nanomineralization: Specific Biosignatures of Biogeochemical Relevance?
Guyot F, Benzerara K, Gloter A, Menguy N & Skouri-Panet F

(2004) Diamond Saturation Experiments: Implications for Carbon in the Core
Siebert J, Guyot F, Malavergne V & Chaussidon M

(2002) Significance of Oxygen Isotopic Signature in Magnetite [Fe3O4] Under Earth Surface Conditions: Preliminary Results
Faivre D, Zuddas P, Agrinier P, Guyot F & Menguy N

(2002) Silicon, Sulphur and Carbon Behaviour during Core/Mantle Segregation
Siebert J, Malavergne V, Guyot F, Hammouda T, Combes R & Martinez I

(2002) Geomicrobiology of Carbonate Precipitations at the Surface of Pyroxenes in an Aridic Soil
Benzerara K, Chapon V, Heulin T, Guyot F, Menguy N & Skouri F

(2002) Chemical Fractionations Induced by Irradiation in Early Solar Materials: Results from Laboratory Experiments
Guyot F, Leroux H, Carrez P, Cordier P & Lemelle L

(2000) High-Pressure and High-Temperature Reactions between Mantle Minerals and Metals in the Fe-Si-O-S System
Gautron L, Malavergne V, Martinez I & Guyot F

(2000) Interactions of Bacteria with Silicate Surfaces Control the Evolution of Numerous Natural Processes: Formation of Sediments, Maturation of Soils, Fossilization, Formation of Ecosystems in Extreme-Conditions
Lemelle L, Benzerara K, Lesourd M, Barakat M, Heulin T, Guyot F & Gillet P

(2000) Experimental Study of Culture Media of a Bacteria from Dry Environment
Benzerara K, Lemelle L, Heulin T, Barakat M, Lesourd M, Guyot F & Gillet P

(2000) The Tatahouine Meteorite: A Case Study of Life Under Extreme Conditions
Gillet P, Achouak W, Barrat J, Benzerara K, Guyot F, Heulin T, Lemelle L & Lesourd M

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