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All abstracts by Alexander Gysi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Hydrothermal REE Fluid-Mineral Reaction Paths in Critical Mineral Deposits
Gysi A

(2021) Hydrothermal REE Partitioning between Fluorite and Aqueous Fluids: Insights from Experiments and Natural Fluid Inclusions
Payne MR, Gysi A & Hurtig NC

(2021) Simulation of REE Mobility and Evolution of F-NaCl-CO2-bearing Fluids in Hydrothermal Calcite and Fluorite Ore-Forming Veins
Costa Filho DSD & Gysi A

(2021) Fluorapatite-Fluid Alteration: REE Mobility and its Implications for Apatite as an Exploration Tool
Chappell JC, Gysi A, Monecke T & Chang Z

(2020) Fluid-Mineral Partitioning of REE in Critical Mineral Deposits
Gysi A

(2017) The MINES Thermodynamic Database for Simulating the Chemistry of Complex Crustal Fluid-Rock Systems
Gysi A

(2015) Experiments and Numerical Modeling of Hydrothermal REE Ore Forming Processes in the Crust
Gysi A, Williams-Jones A & Harlov D

(2012) Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Strange Lake Peralkaline Granitic Pluton, Canada: Implications for REE/HFSE Mobility
Gysi A & Williams-Jones A

(2011) CO2 Sequestration and Hydrothermal Basalt Alteration at 40-250℃
Gysi A & Stefánsson A

(2010) H2S and CO2 Sequestration in Geothermal Systems
Stefansson A, Arnorsson S, Gunnarsson I, Gysi A, Kaasalainen H & Gunnlaugsson E

(2009) CO2-water-Basalt Interaction: Geochemical Modelling and Experiments
Gysi A & Stefánsson A

(2008) CO2-basalt Interaction – Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study
Stefansson A & Gysi A

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