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All abstracts by Terry-Ann Suer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Distribution of Highly Volatile Elements during Rocky Planet Formation
Suer T-A, Jackson C, Grewal DS, Dalou C & Lichtenberg T

(2022) Statistically Learned Nonlinearity of the Postspinel Phase Boundary in Mg2SiO4 and its Implications for Slab Dynamics and Morphology
Dong J, Fischer RA, Stixrude LP, Brennan MC, Daviau K, Suer T-A, Turner KM, Meng Y & Prakapenka VB

(2019) Metal–silicate Partitioning Behavior of Pd and Ag at Earth’s Core Formation Conditions
Suer T-A, Fischer R, Lee K, Daviau K, Dong J & Brennan M

(2019) Experimental Exploration of TiN as a a Possible Reservoir for Planetary Nitrogen
Daviau K, Dong J, Brennan MC, Suer T-A, Fischer RA & Prakapenka V

(2019) Insights on Late Accretion from Platinum Metal-Silicate Partitioning
Siebert J, Suer T-A, Remusat L, Borensztajn S, Doisineau B & Fiquet G

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